Saturday, July 23, 2005

timely prayer request

My husband Daniel is up in Winnipeg for the ELCIC Convention.
Yesterday Bp. Raymond Schultz was re-elected on the third ballot with
a 53% majority. Since he was elected on the third ballot, none of
the candidates had to speak before the assembly. A resolution that
questioned the constitutionality of the National Church Council’s
recommendations on same-sex blessing was defeated.

This morning they began debate at 10:00 on the resolution. A motion
to require a 2/3 vote for passage on the resolution did pass
. The
motion needed a 2/3 vote and was passed by 2/3. The first five
speakers were in favor of passage. The speakers included 2 pastors
who wished to give blessings to couples in their congregations. A
lesbian who came out 20 years ago would found her congregation
inadequate but who had now found a welcoming place. A gay pastor who
had blessed 30 weddings on a cruise ship event and who does not think
we are blessing sin but thinks we are “achieving justice”. The fifth
speaker was a woman who said she had experienced the Bible as a
weapon numerous times in her life. In her life she had been told to
keep silent rather than being ordained and that her love for a black
man was contrary to God’s word. All five speakers were in favor of
the ELCIC discerning a new word from God.

The convention is in recess at the moment and will continue at 11 AM.
About 50 people are lined up at the microphones. Total registration
is about 400 delegates.

Daniel will report more later.

Continue to be in prayer.

God bless and greetings from the ELCIC.

Have a good day.
Kristin Emma Ostercamp

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