Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Extraordinary!

Shrimp here, just digging the lead from the ELCA News Service reporting the upcoming reception of Anita Hill, Phyllis Zillhart, and Ruth Frost on the ELCA clergy roster:
Three pastors with historic ties to the struggle for inclusiveness in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) will be welcomed for the first time to the church's clergy roster when they participate in the church's "Rite of Reception" Sept. 18.
You can read more here of the ELCA's reception of these heroes of the faith.

Okay, ELCA News' John Brooks doesn't actually call them "heroes of the faith." But we can't help but be struck by the triumphant tone in today's release by the usually more sober ELCA News Service. For a milder report of the reception of Hill, Zillhart, and Frost, you might check out the blog of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries.

The ELM blog playing the news straighter than the ELCA News Service? Now that's extraordinary!

Shrimp out.

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