Saturday, July 09, 2005

Spin-meister makes appearance

Pauline J. Chang
Christian Post

"Hanson said his church is unique because it is built on that principle of interdependence.

now, let's see, which article of the Augsburg Confession is that?

That’s why, he explained, the ELCA will be tackling the issue of homosexuality

sorry to interrupt in midsentence but that's pure bunk-the reason we are being tackled by the issue is that it has been forced upon hapless ecclesiastics by a single issue advicay group that is relentless in their objective to normalize homosex

as well as voting on a proposed “interim Eucharist sharing” with the United Methodist Church, during its upcoming Churchwide Assembly in Orlando, Fla.

actually, we have no idea why the folks in the UMC want to get together with us at this time, or vice versa, unless their gay group wants to get together with ours. Wesley was horrified by Luther's "antinomianism." Oh, wait a minute, I get it. Now that UMC no longer reads Wesley and the ELCA no longer reads Luther, we might as well get together!

Hanson, who also serves as president of the Lutheran World Federation,

there's another disaster in the making

also thanked the women of the ELCA for keeping their faith and supporting the wider church with $1.75 million in the past three years.

keep that money coming, we're really going to need it in the next few years until the brainwashing has taken effect

The woman of the ELCA gathering began July 5, and is slated to end July 10. This year’s conference theme is “Act Boldly.” Hanson elaborated on the theme as he addressed the 2,100-member crowd, saying that acting boldly does not mean to go forth arrogantly, but to go “communally” and “in humility.”

let's see, if we arrogantly go ahead and do things that we know the vast majority of the church abhors, but we smile and don't say anything but "Luther jello" to the public, that 's what we mean by "humility"?

Finally, according to ELCA, Hanson urged the delegates not to fear tension in the church.

“I worry about a church that is concerned about conflict,” he explained. He then challenged the delegates to think about how they read the Bible, reminding them that wherever Jesus walked he caused tension and questioned people in authority.

I worry about a church that believe Mark Hanson. Talk about the man behing the curtain. What spin! Throw the church curveball after curve ball and then say "Why are you getting upset?"

Jesus caused "tension" because He confronted sin. Hanson wants to get rid of sin when and where it doesn't suit his liberal polititcs.

Good try, Mark.

“We need to engage tension and remain healthy,” he said. “We must speak openly and respectfully with each other.”

Er, right. Well, I've been open here. Sorry if it seems disrespectful ... Actually, those commments are to prepare the soil for what will come, to make those trying to stand their ground in Orlando look intolerant (which, of course, is sin).

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