Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mark Hanson, Minnesota Timberwolf?

Shrimp here: Perhaps you heard the rumor that Mark Hanson said at a synod assembly (it was Virginia), "This is a big tent church and those who can't accept it should leave."

(I heard from a pastor colleague that was there that he said, "We are not the only church in the church catholic and if people feel like they need to leave that is okay."

This rumor is reported in the August issue of the Lutheran Forum Letter, with the editorial comment that they hope it isn't true. They finally received a response yesterday. We are happy to report Bp. Hanson's response:

"In response to your first question, I did not say that which you have
quoted. I did talk about our ecclesiology and that we are one holy,
catholic and apostolic church. I stated that we are one by virtue of
our baptism, and that we will remain one even if we move from being one
denominational body. I went on to express the sadness I will feel if
people choose to leave this church, while recognizing that we will
continue to be held together even in the midst of their leaving."

OK. I think I understand.

Basically, our chief pastor said, "______ off." I'm going to be real sad when the door hits your butt on the way out.

He really does think we are stupid. He really does think he is in control. He really does hold his liberal political views as his core values. He really does think that those who think the Bible is wrong are entitled to their opinions and if they have the majority view that should be the way policy is written.

Tell me again why this is faithfulness?

Tell me again why the first order of business in Orlando is a floor resolution asking Hanson to resign?

It is he and Lutherans Concerned and the GLBT coalition known as that have left the faith of the church, which is in effect leaving the church, they should just accept that and go, but then they would not have achieved their goal, which it to remove their inner floating guilt which they think they can do by normalizing sexual relations between members of the same sex.

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Mwalimu Daudi said...

Mark Hanson to ELCA: "Exercise your God-given right to agree with me. Or else."

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