Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hey, ELCA, let's join the fun!

Shrimp here:

Surfing around,
I found,
more human words
about the Word.

You humans funny,
you kidding, right?
You not think you God?
YOu kidding, right?
C'mon, tell me you kidding.
Hey, you scaring me. Not funny anymore.

From another blog "You are all off your rockers. Who wrote the bible??? I will tell you since none of you seem to have a clue, MAN, man wrote the bible with what were supposedly gods teachings. You all try to quote this or that, but what makes you people the masters of what god was trying to say? How do you know you are not understanding it wrong? The bible has been the most rewritten book ever. Every "christian" denomination has changed it to suit their own needs. If you dont believe this, get a bible from 50 years ago and one from today, they can even be for the same denom. They will be different. The point is, the bible is nothing like it was over 2000 years ago when it was first written by MEN trying to understand gods word which is impossible anyways cause no mortal can EVER know gods mind. Did any of you stop to think that "god" may not even exist? Remember, the egyptians had many god, The greeks had many different gods, and even our own native indians had their own gods. Who is to say which is correct. A person will only now that answer when they can tell no one else. So get off the bible thump and preach already. You do no one credit by trying to spout something you know nothing about.

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