Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How far has the gay agenda reached?

Well, as far as it seems! Here's an amazing thing--if you do a search on a string of words in google these days you might notice that a few of them appear with blue underlining above your results. I had homosexuality in a string and decided to click on to it. This led me to's entry, which is practically pr for the movement! It's all there. No wonder so many people buy the GLBT agenda hook, line and sinker.


Paul W said...


Why are you still in the ELCA?

Mwalimu Daudi said...

Not too long ago, the face of "free thinking" was anonymous sex and divorce. Today it is homosexuality. Tomorrow it will be pedophilia.

And don't kid yourself that it will not happening. The sexualization of children in the media is lowering many social inhibitions. Having been a teacher in public schools, I saw many of the female students dressing like strippers. Many of the boys are openly, even aggressively, sexual in their conduct towards the girls. Walking down the hallways can be an R-rated experience - or worse. These are terrible times to be a child.

Today John Couey is a pervert and a murderer. Tomorrow might he be a sexual pioneer and hero? Don't bet against it.

And by what moral authority could a denomination like the ELCA oppose sexual exploitation of children. The Bible? That got dumped overboard by the leadership of the ELCA in the current debate. Psychiatry? What happens if the psychiatric community decides pedophilia is not harmful to children? The ELCA's own moral authority? What will remain of that if we endorse the lie of homosexuality?

Anonymous said...

True enough Mr. Daudi> The ELCA has certainly gotten itself in a true moral fix. It will take a miracle of the Lord to get us out of it. Pray for it.


Rob Buechler

Lost_in_Chicago said...

Mr. Daudi,

Thank you for your comments… they are insightful and yet troubling. As you so rightly state, our “progressive” leaders at the ELCA are trivializing Scripture’s place as the basis of all moral teachings, and instead, elevating the field of psychoanalysis.

Don’t know about you, but, this makes complete sense to me considering that a 1972 poll of the American Psychological Association found that only 1.1% of psychologists were believers. And, Sigmund Freud branded faith as a form of mental disorder.

Yeah… this is a great path our modern Christian leaders are taking us down. ;-)


BTW, Paul W., not sure where you are going with your comments… I assume you’re stating that Shell should leave the ELCA because he is dissatisfied with the current leader’s apostasy. If that is correct, I’d like to state that I also was thinking of leaving. But, if your position (and people of like mind) is that people either accept renunciation of Scripture or leave the Church… then you’ve convinced me that the devil is truly at work here and I will stay and fight. Good job brother!

Shrimp said...

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by. Paul, do you really want to know why I haven't left the elca yet?
Because they haven't caught me yet maybe?

It is a very serious question. First of all, many of us have left though we haven't. It's called "defecting in place." I am of a lot more use in this particular fight inside the elca. It's about putting your money where your mouth is. I have little patience for pastors who are mulling the idea of leaving but have yet to talk about these issues with their congregation and their bishop.

The elca is unraveling. How can truth win when it isn't spoken aloud? So many clergy are acting as cowards.

Is there something inherent in Lutheranism that lends itself to quietism? I think so.

I may get an ulcer (acid refux started up again a few weeks ago), and I may get brought up on trumped up charges, but I won't get tossed by my people. I've talked about it, we are united.

Also, I'm hanging around because of my sense of call. I was called to pastor that people and I have not been released. It's a pretty sorry shepherd who leaves his sheep before the actual attack (well there's this one guy but he has admitted defeat).

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