Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Synod Assembly Update Rough Tally

You can kind of figure out how it's going in sexuality votes by looking at the page at WordAlone and a tally a friend is doing. I imagine I'll have a more accurate one from him tonight or tomorrow. The bottom line is more synods are rejecting rec three than are passing it. Also, people are getting really sick of this from reports of pastors attending and reporting back to me. Churchwide is going to have a rough, rough time in Orlando.

"Synod Tally On Same Sex Unions and Ordination of Non celibate

Metro NY Yes Unions Yes Ordain
Milwaukee Yes Unions Yes Ordain
MPLS Area Yes Unions Yes Ordain
New England Yes Unions Yes Ordain
Oregon Yes Unions Yes Ordain
Southwest Cali Yes Unions Yes Ordain

North Carolina No Unions No Ordain
N.E. Ohio No Unions No Ordain ( barely)
N.W. Ohio No Unions No Ordain
N.W. Wisconsin No Unions No Ordain
South East No Unions No Ordain
S. Ohio No Unions No Ordain
Western Iowa No Unions No Ordain
Western North Dakota: No Unions No Ordain

So, from WAN: "A simple tally sheet like this is handy, but as you're finding out, it isn't easy to categorize some decisions and it isn't easy to find the information. Toni in our office tries each week to update this table on the assemblies. Your tally is missing many of the early assemblies. The first weekend
(ironically the same weekend as the Church Council meeting in April) was a good start for us with SW MN, NW MN and E ND all taking strong stands. Check your tally sheet against Toni's table."

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