Tuesday, June 07, 2005

South Dakota Solid (and Western Iowa, too)

Here's some good news for you from the South Dakota Synod Assembly.

I offer it especially for those of you who live in those synods that speak
in a very different voice.

Note that the resolution on the sexuality study recommendations passed by
78 percent.

Approved Resolution 4 - Further Study of Proposed Worship Resources:

-- Memorializing Churchwide Assembly to postpone approval and implementation of the proposed ELCA book of worship until at least 2007 Churchwide Assembly.

-- Memorializing Churchwide Assembly to authorize review process particularly for faithfulness to Lutheran theology and tradition.

-- Memorializing Churchwide Assembly to direct that these evaluations and details of proposed book of worship and other resources be made available to ELCA pastors and congregations at least one year before consideration by Churchwide Assembly.

-Approved Resolution 13 - Amending & Opposing Church Council Recommendations 492-128 (8 abstentions).

-- Memorializing Churchwide Assembly to amend the resolution proposed by the Church Council regarding Recommendation 2 by adding a third resolved which would establish an ELCA policy using the first portion of the 1993 Conference of Bishop's Statement.

- Memorializing Churchwide Assembly to reject the resolution proposed by the Church Council regarding Recommendation 3 and instead to affirm and uphold current ELCA policy and practices consistent with past understandings of Vision and Expectations, Definitions and Guidelines for Discipline, and the social statements of the LCA and ALC

-Asking the synod's voting members to the 2005 Churchwide Assembly to prayerfully consider the sense of the synod in their voting at Orlando.

Here is a LINK to a 2-page report from the Synod Office that gives highlights of the Assembly. They also voted down recommendation three by a large margin.


Norsk said...

Shrimp, Is there any plance online that is "keeping score" of the Synod convention votes across the country? WordAlone's Synod Convention section is a bit behind in being updated, and in any event its pretty cumbersome -- they generally just link to the resolutions that passed.

Shrimp said...

www.wordalone.org is best bet but you have to do a running total yourself and you have to have a spin-o-meter handy to interpret results

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