Sunday, June 12, 2005

Soulforce prevails in Grand Canyon, Chicago and DC

Bad news: "Grand Canyon Synod Assembly has adopted all three of our resolutions!! This occurrence is beyond any of our comprehension; everyone was amazed and stunned. Any who opposed and any who affirmed in their view point were amazed and stunned."

More bad in Metro D.C.:"Probably even better was that there was relatively little discussion on any of these, and only on the last one on V&E was it necessary to call for a division of the house to ascertain it had, indeed, passed. The resolution was adopted, 164 to 114."

Though we were expecting it, it sounds really bad in Chicago:

:The Metropolitan Chicago Synod Assembly considered two resolutions:

One calling the ELCA Assembly to go beyond the recommendations of the Sexuality Task Force and the Church Council and remove all barriers to ordination for rostered persons in covenanted relationships as was called for by this Synod in 2001.

The other resolution is about having rites of blessing for same sex couples --which was also memorialized to the ELCA in 2001.

Both hearings on the resolutions were very well attended.And at both the energy was clearly supportive of the resolutions. Theresolutions come up for a vote on Saturday. It appears that sinceChicago has talked these issues through and voted on them before, thatthe issues are settled -although, of course, not without some genuinelyfaithful opposition. Chicago appears to be in a leadership mood andwants to press for going beyond the Task Force/Church Councilpositions.

In voting on these resolutions, the assembly reaffirmed its 2001 Resolutions and voiced dissatisfaction with the Sexuality Task Force and ELCA Church Council recommendations as insufficient and asking us to abide prejudice and less than genuine hospitality to GLBT persons.

On a vote of 309 to 73 the Assembly reaffirmed their request for rites of blessing for same sex couples.

By a vote of 243 to 77 the Assembly in effect dismissed the so-called progress in the actions of the Sexuality Task Force and Church Council, by calling once again for the removal of all barriers to full acceptance of GLBT clergy in committed relationships.

The mood of the majority of the Chicago Assembly is that they have worked these issues through and, in respect for genuine disagreement among the faithful, a willingness to continue dialog; but also it was time to move on to other issues of ministry and justice that confront this synod."

However, there were about a dozen assemblies and sanity may have one out in them all.

We know just south of the travesty in Chicago, in the Central/Southern Synod traditional voices truimphed and in an odd move the GLBT forces seemed to get excited about having their own NGS. More to follow.

You really have to go to goodsoil and read it all.


Norsk said...

No surprises here, though. Metro DC and Chicago notoriously revisionist. (In full disclosure, I am in Metro DC.) Grand Canyon also very revisionist, though perhaps less so than the two others. The news is still encouraging, viewing the country as a whole.

Lost_in_Chicago said...

Truly a sad day in Chicago. Odd too how this wasn't addressed in yesterday's sermon by the Bishop's "approved" interim pastor.

BTW, if I were a betting man, I would wager that this road to apostasy will continue via the feminist agenda. After all, we can not be inclusive while we use such blatant masculine terms such as "Father, Son and Holy Spirit". Don't let the fact that Scripture documents the fact that Jesus instructs us to baptize in these names.


Shrimp said...

What do you get when you mix feminism (or any marxist thought)and a sacramental practice?

Anonymous said...

Hey Norsk, my brother is a pastor in Metro D.C. Steve Buechler is his name. Tell him I said hello, and that I hope he voted true to the faith or else..."THE FAMILY WILL BE VERRRYYY VERRRYYY DISAPPOINTED! (my Al Capone voice)

Seriously, I'm not surprised by this vote. I am surprised that the vote has been close even in "orthodox" synods. Seems like folks are truly confused about the truth.

Rob Buechler, Pastor
Trinity-Bergen/Faith Lutheran Church
Starkweather, ND

Pastoring in one of those "conservative" synods that barely voted to stay orthodox.

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