Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ELCA Council on using sadness surrounding divorce as an analogy to proceed on homosexual relations

If you have any concern for the ELCA you must have great concern for the way Church Council in leading us in the sexuality issue. We are very fortunate to hear from Robert Gagnon on our specific situation. Here is a brief section of a larger arguement you can link to below:

"An addendum to the Church Council's divorce/remarriage analogy:

It should be noted that the Council not only wants the ELCA Churchwide Assembly to accept their recommendation of “exceptions.” It also wants people to accept the fact that this “compromise” is only provisional; that the ELCA must eventually, as with divorce and remarriage, adopt a denomination-wide policy that puts up no bar to ordaining persons who are currently in committed homosexual unions.

That point is implicit in the use of the divorce-and-remarriage analogy. And it is made explicit in the “Rationale for Support of the Proposed Process” given to that segment of the church that already supports homosexual unions: “Just as it took the Church and the world many years to understand other critical issues, such as the re-marriage of divorced people, this process provides the opportunity for continued discernment of where the Holy Spirit is leading this church” (p. 4). In other words, acceptance of the Council’s recommendation would put the ELCA on a journey of “understanding” and “discernment” that would eventually “lead” to marriage ceremonies for homosexual unions and a denomination-wide willingness to ordain homosexual persons in committed homosexual unions.

Do you catch what the ELCA Church Council is requiring of each group, those who think homosexual practice is inherently sinful and those who think that only promiscuous homosexual practice is sinful? The former group must change their view in some significant way while the latter group doesn’t need to change their view at all but merely to hold on and be patient because in due course they will see their view completely vindicated by the denomination.

So if one intends to vote for the Council’s recommendation one should recognize that this will be a vote for a denomination-wide full embrace of committed homosexual unions within the next 2-5 years. To fail to recognize this is to fool oneself or to be misled by others—or both.

Read more Gagnon's comments on the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau blog.


Lost_in_Chicago said...

Don't know about the rest of you, but, these ELCA trained theologians never fail to amaze me. However, considering their seminary curriculum consists of “Feminist Theology in the Christian Tradition”, “Black Theology/Womanist Theology”, and, my favorite, “Women, Men and Sexuality in the Bible”, rather than good old fashion Bible Study… I guess I shouldn’t be too amazed.

Regarding Rev. Stofregen, what doesn’t he get about the following:

1. God promised via Jeremiah (Ch 31) that the New Covenent would put the Laws in our minds and hearts. (I also read that I don’t need the likes of Rev. Stofregen to interpret this for me).
2. Jesus states in Matthew (Ch 5) that he does not abolish the Law.
3. Jesus states in Luke (Ch 16) that not one stroke of a pen will drop out of the Law.
4. Lastly, Jesus says in Mark (Ch 7) that:
a. A man should be put to death for cursing his Mother or Father (Mk 7:10)
i. Hmmm, sounds a lot like God’s Law given to us via Moses in Lev. 20:9.
b. A man is unclean if he commits adultery. (Mk 7:20)
i. Hmmm, sounds a lot like God’s Law given to us via Moses in Lev. 20:10
c. A man is unclean if he is sexual immoral (NIV, Mk 7:21)
i. Hmmm, sounds a lot like God’s Law given to us via Moses in Lev. 20:11-21

Ohhh, would you look at that, upon further review, God tells us via Moses that it is detestable for a man to lie with another man (Lev 20:13). However, what do I know? I have yet to learn Womanist Theology. ;-) St. Paul must have missed this course too.


Lost_in_Chicago said...
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