Friday, June 10, 2005

The fundamentalist “Christian” mind continues to baffle me.

"The fundamentalist “Christian” mind continues to baffle me. Because such a mind seems unwilling to compromise, or even seek common ground, it is tempting to dismiss the influence as a lunatic fringe with little impact on our daily lives.

In the US these days, however, a tunnel vision mind unwilling to seek common ground is exactly what certain politicians rely on. Not only does the regressive religious community provide a rock solid base for right wing politicians, it influences decisions regarding everything from school textbooks to movies. The little sense involved in these influences belies the significant effect the influences can have."

Yikes! Bafflement is going around! YOu can find the author of that quote, and how he has found a way to make common ground with many folk.

Any clues why he puts Christian is quotes (hint, Howard Dean is one).

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