Monday, May 30, 2005

Why "this" Matters

I have about six readers total so when one of them says "This doesn't matter ..." I have to come right back and say:

Shrimp here:

Dear human people, What do you think this is? Bad art? Politics? Insurrection?

Getting warmer. This is mutiny, bucko's, high mutiny on the high seas. The captain of the ship is mad, mad, mad I tell you. The LORD wants the gospel preached to every family of every tribe of every nation before His Son comes for His Bride, and our Presbah wants the church should be bold to preach recycling and better mental hygiene.

We need to take command of the ship. How are we going to do that?

Well, first of all we don't even know who we are!

Pastors have been acting as gatekeepers, many actually are acting cowardly (I know I did), while others actually are dupes of the dark angels.

On top of that, no one but the people with the secret handshake have a clue how this unaccountable juggernaut works...

and yet we get a chance to elect a new presbah in 2007! Will we?

I said this blog goes out of existence in 2007. I didn't say the "Dump Hanson" blog will.

In the meantime, for Pete's sake, go through the archives, cut and paste stuff and creat your own materials. We have millions of sheep who are just going to get slaughtered to feed the Borg. Get with it.

If you thought this was a rant blog, or entertainment for the jaded-cynics, you need to back away from your keyboard slowly and go to your tower and have a spiritual experience. This mutiny is right on schedule.


Eli said...

A quick trip to the ELCA website tells me that the PB felt the need to issue a statement on Earth Day, but here Memorial Day, there is nothing. That tells you all you need to know.

I will say that he was nice and polite (aloof?) when I've written him over the years. He takes it in stride when I point out the ELCA is racist (with its constant focus on counting and reporting on melanin content in our parochial reports) or trying to legislate morality (the famous LOGA). He doesn't change his thinking, but is friendly when he sends his replies. A politician through and through.

Shrimp said...

Presbah doesn't know what to do with Memorial Day.

Eli said...

No doubt.

By the way, as one of the "six" let me just say thanks. I find the stuff you post to be both educational and timely.

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