Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How to YOU respond?

Shrimp here: There are reasons why ELCA and ECUSA are behaving stupid. If you don't get this, you will forever be clueless. Humans err, humans sin, humans do bad things, stupid things.

When humans do not think Bible is from God, when people do not know their own history, when they become illiterate, they do the stupid. When their own leaders think of dark ages not as medieval times but everything before Freud and Kinsey you humans in deep doo doo. Sorry.

Me get underwater cable and I these days I really like Vonage commercials. You go to assembly, you in Vonage commercial. Like one where couple drove to countryside so he can fire off model rockets. The one that he blasted toward the sky zooms back at him a couple of times, sparks fire in truck bed and woman runs into frame with fire extinguesher.

You think you need to be rocket science to figure this out?

Maybe you problem Bible Science?

Anyway in the background of Vonage commercial plays this song, Whoohoohoo-Whoohoohoo." Me sing that song all day. You sing it too, it helps.

See this is how humans do church now. You elect "voting members." They go to Walt Disney World. ELCA say, "You voter. You vote and tell us what we do from now on." You think you do this forever? You think God let you vote on God?

Shrimp ask human people? Why you need new rules all the time?


People think they evolving?


Think truth change?


"A recent poll showed 66% (two thirds) of Americans no longer believe there is such a thing as "absolute truth." More disturbing, though, was the fact that 53% of those not believing in absolute truth identified themselves as born again Christians; 75% of whom were mainline Protestants.[61]

If "absolute truth" no longer exists, even in the minds of half the "born-again" population, it logically follows that doctrine, and the Bible itself, is given less credence. Pollster George Gallup Jr. noticed this in The People's Religion: American Faith in the 90's. "While religion is highly popular in America," he states, "it is to a large extent superficial. There is a knowledge gap between American's stated faith and the lack of the most basic knowledge about that faith."[62]

"In short, self-identified Christians in the 90s are Biblically ignorant. Doctrine has become less important than good feelings; indeed, a USA Today survey found that, of the 56% of Americans who attend church, 45% did so because "it's good for you," 26% went for peace of mind. Specific doctrines, the pollster noted, seemed unimportant.[63]

If the notions of "truth" and "doctrine" are becoming unimportant to Christians, can the idea of "sin" hope to survive? Probably not; 25% of Christians polled in 1993 believed sin to be "an outdated concept."[64]

""The awareness of sin used to be our shadow," Cornelius Plantinga writes in Christianity Today. "Christians hated sin, feared it, flew from it. But now the shadow has faded. Nowadays, the accusation you have sinned is often said with a grin."[65]

Read Joe Dallas.

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Mwalimu Daudi said...

Wow! A proof that there are no proofs. If we take modern theological scholarship about Jesus seriously, and since there is no absolute truth (a poll says so), we can conclude that the following is true: (1) Jesus never existed, (2) He was a shaman, (3) He was several individuals combined into one, (4) He was a She, (5) He was gay and/or lesbian, (6) He was married to Mary Magdelene, (7) He was a Communist guerrilla, (8) He was the first of the Aryans race of supermen, (9) He was a businessman, (10) He was a space alien. Pick all of the above - no absolute truth allowed here!

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