Monday, May 23, 2005

Letter to an Unknown Pastor

The PFOX website was established to provide hope, support and facts for those whose lives have been touched by homosexuality.

"You have questions. We at PFOX have answers and resources to help you understand same sex attractions.

We must let our loved ones with same sex attractions know we love them unconditionally and that nothing can change that love. As responsible parents, we must seek the facts and continue to love our children unconditionally without having to affirm their homosexual behavior. We do not have to approve of everything our children do. Blanket approval is not responsible parenting or true love. True love is loving in spite of our differences and treating each other with kindness and respect.

No one is born gay. All scientific studies, including those by gay scientists, have not found any gay gene or gay brain center. Ex-gays are living proof that homosexual orientation is not fixed permanently. People can and do make the decision every day to seek help in overcoming unwanted same sex attractions.

On the PFOX website, you will find articles that explain genetics, the psychiatric and psychological components of same sex attraction, the medical facts, and the latest research on same sex attractions. You will also find links to PFOX groups in your area, therapists, testimonies, articles on the widespread discrimination against ex-gays, and book/movie reviews. We also provide a Yahoo online email support group for: families and friends, those who do not have local support, those who feel they need a friend, and those who prefer daily dialogue.

Letter to an Unknown Pastor

Dear Pastor,
God bless you in your desire to reach the hurting and for reaching out to souls that need to be saved. Not every person called to be a pastor responds to the call. However, there is a huge problem in the church today. You may already know about it. It’s one that has been neglected for so long and swept under the rug in most churches. I’m talking about homosexuality. There are many helpful ministries out there that really benefit the hurting such as drug addiction ministries. Others help prostitutes, kids in gangs, fatherless kids and single parents, substance abusers, depression, the homeless and hungry, even women with breast cancer! What a blessing that the Body of Christ is reaching out to these people with compassion. But who reaches out to the homosexual who wants to change?"

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shamanic said...

Or the heterosexual seeking change. The Parents and Friends of Ex-Straights organization is there, but where is the pastoral care for heterosexuals seeking to leave that lifestyle?

The good ship ELCA...

The good ship ELCA...
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