Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gee, I wonder ....

Shrimp here: OK, pastors who take a stand for family values are labeled bigots, those who argue for the faith received are called fundamentalists, so I wonder what a person who brought up the subject of the Enemy and bending the knee would be called.

Hey we don't have any such problems so we?

"When the leadership of that church kept the enemy out, everything was fine," Mr. Robinson said. "But when the leadership of that church let the enemy in, things began to change."

The authorities - who got the first whiff of trouble six weeks ago when a woman, Nicole Bernard, 36, called the Sheriff's Office from Ohio to say she had fled the town to save her child from sexual abuse - are still trying to piece together what happened.

Nine people have been arrested in the past week. A dozen computers have been seized, at least some of which the police believe contain child pornography, as well as dozens of videotapes, hundreds of computer disks and eight large boxes of documents and photographs. Inside the shuttered church compound, in a "youth hall" behind the sanctuary, the police found the faint imprint of pentagrams on the floor that someone had apparently tried to scrub away."

Read it.

Then go to this page and take it all in,how much child abuse is out there being done by pastors. Take it all in, then put Childs in the find function of edit.

There is more info here.

When you are at assembly, just go to the mike and ask this one question and then watch the body language: What are the legal implications of the recommendation that we keep rules but do not enforce them?

We should perhaps ask that lawyer in Texas who won the civil case against the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, from which Gerald Thomas (a Harrison County jury took only minutes in February of 2003 to find Gerald Thomas guilty on 11 counts of sex crimes against children, and then to give him the maximum sentence of 397 years in prison).

The fact that Childs was part of those proceedings, yet okayed a plan for insitutional unaccountability, well, it just boggles the mind.

Read the ELCA's side of the story.

There's more:

"Lutheran Church Abuse Victims Receive $69 Million Settlement

In what may be the largest per capita clergy abuse settlement ever, nine victims will receive $36.8 million from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's Northern Texas/Northern Louisiana Synod and two former officials. The civil case follows the conviction of Gerald P. Thomas, former pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Marshall, Texas, for sex crimes against children. An additional $32 million out-of-court settlement was reached before the trial ended. Total awards amounted to nearly $69 million awarded to 14 victims."

Wonder how many mission starts the ELCA could have made with $69 million?

Think the assembly in Orlando will receive an accurate accounting on this? After all, it all happened since the last time they sat in deliberation.

You funny human people if you do not talk from the floor on this one. Any voting members out there? Hello!!!

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