Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What exactly is at stake?

This blog exists because an ELCA pastor who kept quiet on the issue of homosexuality until 2004 cannot now shut-up about the looming danger ahead. Since this individual was a liberal and a social activist of sorts doing urban ministry, quiet on this one subject seemed to be necessary. Who wants to lose friends over such a polarizing issue?

The arguments put forth by the gay Christian agenda never convinced this pastor, and being at a liberal seminary and serving on the East Coast, there was plenty exposure.
This pastor loves the Bible, reads it daily, and knew that the argument gives a very skewed view of Scripture, the apostles, etc.

Therefore, we want you to know what is at stake in this issue that is going to be voted on in August:

1) Our church members will arguably have a permanent mistrust of Scripture.

2) The dominant Lutheran theology will be the ultra-liberal school.

3) Our congregations will be open to lawsuits.

4) Pastors on the losing side of this issue will either leave the denomination, or defect in place and never ever fully support the ELCA.

5) The ELCA will have a schism--it has already begun. Only a clear signal form the voting members of the assembly will put the brakes on.

This is unity? This is mission?

We do not wish to offend anyone. This pastor was a liberal activist and sees this blog as a legitimate form of activism. Understand that some of the arguments in this blog are meant humorously and a few political leaders are treated as such.


Eli said...

I'm slightly more optimistic than I've been in awhile. (just slightly) My synod - Florida Bahamas - voted to send a resolution that endorsed the Council reccomendations....except the one that counts! That is, we said, keep the policies in place, NO exceptions. This apparantly followed a 2 hour debate. Not that this is binding on the voting members in August, but perhaps the leadership is getting the message that there is a big disconnect with the folks in the pews, and this will not pass quietly into the night.

They have fooled themselves by thinking they had a valid analog with what happened historically with gender roles in the church, but that will turn out to be into a vary false analog. Maybe they will start to figure that out.

The progressives who want change are highly motivated, though, and very impatient. In their mind, they have waited years and years, put off by study after lengthy study for this chance that they see as ripe. Though, if they lose this battle, that won't be the end. My thought is they will forge ahead, creating more facts on the ground and daring the Church to actually impose discipline. (which the leadership is loathe to do) That is where I see the next chapter.

Norsk said...

I'm a little more optimistic also.
This news from FL-Bahamas is actually impactful -- because it is not necessarily a synod from which the ELCA leadership would have expected such a traditionalist posture.

Also kudos to Shrimp for deciding to speak out. What a great example of the fact that this is not a "liberal vs conservative" issue -- it is a fidelity to Scripture issue. Now, as a fellow East Coaster, if I could only figure out his true identity...!

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