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Homosexuality Normalised, then ....

God loves everyone we say. We know God loves gay people. I know if gay people read this blog, they may not think Shrimp love them. I do, and I want them to know they need to read the following, too.

Shrimp kind of sorry to have to post the following. Mainly sorry because it is so unseemly. Sorry because for some it is true. Most gay people not into children, but it seems, in more and more countries gay people are working for lowering the age of consent.

What are we as a society doing to our children? One out of three girls are sexually molested and one out of six boys.

From the net:

Homosexuality Normalised - Paedophilia Next

In little more than a generation, flowing from the sexual permissiveness of the 60’s, the moral fiber and growth of Western Civilisation, tamed over centuries by the Christian morality, is relapsing back into its pagan hedonistic roots. Sex has been separated from marriage and family with promiscuity now considered a recreational activity. Homosexuality, in parallel, is also receiving societal acceptance; either by common persuasion, under the duress of political correctness or regarded, by law, as an alternative lifestyle. The homosexual agenda1 (first documented in 1972–see Table below)has made astonishing advances.

Greco-Roman Homosexuality.
In the ancient world human sexuality was divided between the penetrator and the penetrated. Women, other than courtesans and temple prostitutes, were relegated to their role as gestator mother and home keeper. Homosexuality and pederasty provided for the insatiable male sexual appetite. Pederasty, throughout the social elite of Rome, was common place. It is still graphically recorded on many an earthen vessel found in museums of the world. Edward Gibbon, in his ‘History and Decline of the Roman Empire’, records that Julius Caesar was every woman’s man and every man’s woman and of 15 emperors of Rome, Claudius was the only one whose tastes in ‘love’ were entirely correct (i.e. not homosexual). This was the environment confronting the Biblical message which had declared homosexual behaviour obscene. Firstly according the instructions of Judaism and later reinforced by the Christian message.

Homosexual Advancement.
Contemporary resurgence of permissive sexual practices and the advancing growth of the homosexual lifestyle can be traced to the fraudulent evaluation of Male sexuality first launched in 1948 by the Indiana University Zoologist – Alfred C. Kinsey. Until 1972, when the militant homosexual agenda was drafted, homosexual behaviour was regarded mainly as a human dysfunction. However, responding to constant intimidation2 the American Psychiatry Association [APA] in 1973, removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. (In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders)

Other behaviours such as pederasty (paedophilia) and sadomasochism were then listed as paraphilias on a list of some 24 sexual orientations.

Homosexual Activist Agenda–Abridged Summary

1. All sex acts between consenting adults to be decriminalised.

2. Homosexuals or Gays to be provided, by special laws if necessary, free access to media and other forms of public expression.

3. Gays assured of protection of (human) rights, through formal equal opportunity and anti-discrimination, legislation.

4. Gays (& lesbians) to be given the equal rights of marriage and parenting (incl. child custody, adoption etc)

5. Gays (& lesbians) are to be afforded protection, under law, from all forms of harassment and expressions of intolerance. (eg. hate crime legislation or homophobia)

6. Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.

The above kinds of strategy were first proposed by gay activist Dennis Altman as recorded in his book The Homosexualization of America. Later they were debated in a ‘Gay Council of War’ of 175 leading gay activists in Warrenton; Virginia near Washington DC in 1988. Details of their agenda had previously been documented in the November issue of the Gay Journal Guide by Kirk and Pill* under the title, "The Overhauling of Straight America". (*Erastes Pill was then a pseudonym used by Hunter Madsen)

A detailed account for achieving homosexual goals, as drafted by the activists, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, are found in their book, After the Ball: How America (& the West) will conquer its fear and hatred of Gays in the 90’s. (New York: Plume 1990) This publication outlines the ‘propaganda campaign’ to normalise homosexuality, as an (acceptable) alternative lifestyle through planned brainwashing on a massive scale. This invasive marketing strategy describes tactics to use the media, to desensitise, to jam and ridicule opposition. To make gays appear victims and to seek high profile media, political and legal office. "Our campaign, should not demand explicit support for homosexual practices, but should instead take anti-discrimination as its theme."

Exponential advancement toward community and legal acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle is evidence of the success of the ‘modus operandi’ proposed by Kirk and Madsen on a global scale.

Mocking any opposition with taunts of bigotry and homophobia has played a large part. And, rather than stand its ground, the Christian Church has succumbed to significant theological revisionism with resultant fragmentation.

Of the many pressures seeking to dismantle stable secure marriages from the bedrock of Western Civilization none is more pervasive than that derived from homosexual activism. Yet, it is society and not individuals that chooses the extent to which homosexuality is to be practiced. Historically wherever/ whenever homosexual lifestyles have been encouraged the greater has been its growth.

The term homophobia is one of the inventions of gay activism. Before 1973 it was not even recognised as a word in the dictionary. Originally it was part of the psychiatric jargon used to describe a person’s own fear of homosexual inclinations. It has now been inverted as a rhetorical gay taunt; describing all their opponents as possessing an irrational hatred or fear of homosexuals. It is used as the semantic equivalent of ‘racist’, implying the notion that to oppose homosexuality is the same as possessing prejudice against racial minorities. One might well ask advocates of the gay lifestyle however, to define homophobia and the distinctive differences between pro- and non-homophobic opposition.

Now Paedophilia
Despite the high profile portrayal of homosexuality in the media, successes within/by government legislation, private corporations and even in mainstream churches, the homosexual activist’s primary aim remains elementary school children and ‘youths confused about their sexuality’. This is assured by the greater (50%) statistical acceptance of homosexuality amongst adolescents compared with less than 15% of people in their 60’s. If gay liberation is to be embraced how soon shall pederasty be reinstated and thus paedophilia normalised? While most homosexual activists denounce paedophilia, there remains a growing segment of the gay’ community that makes no secret of their interest in youth.

Carl Maves in the gay magazine Advocate (5/5/92-p85) affirms that if it were not for their initiation as ‘minors’ (molestation) they would not now enjoy their homosexual orientation. Notwithstanding, David Thorsted (NAMBLA) sees the need to down play paedophilia ‘to sanitize the homosexual image’ and facilitate acceptance.

One gay author has put it this way… "Whoever captures the kids owns the future." The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are even more blatant… "Capture the kids before eight or it’s too late."

Already there exists a corresponding Women’s auxiliary3 to NAMBLA. Their website "Butterfly Kisses" finds links to the Dutch PAIDIKA3 and celebrates erotic relationships between women and young girls.

While the homosexual community does not advertise their tactics they make no secret of the desire to recruit a youthful generation and thereby enlarge the gay community. Lobbying to lower the age of consent has long been on their platform of activities. Furthermore, academic and scientific studies confirm a strong bias toward paedophilia from men identifying as homosexual.

Recently the Western world has been scandalised by the exposure of sexual abuse by Catholic and Anglican clergy in the US, UK and in Australia. A taunting media expose’ of these kinds of sexual misdemeanours in Australia indirectly precipitated the resignation of the Governor General -Peter Hollingworth, formerly Archbishop of Brisbane. Clearly a biased media phalanx gloats over the sexual predilections within the Christian Church because of its traditional condemnation of homosexuality. The tactical response from the gay community however has been to assert that heterosexual abuse remains the more serious problem. Unfortunately, the truth here is stranger than fiction. For, the close ties between (male) homosexuality and paedophilia are well documented and numerous research studies, on child molestation (particularly boys) reveals a disproportionately high number of homosexually oriented men are directly involved. (Figures imply a 6-20 times greater involvement than for heterosexual males).

For over 15 years homosexual advocates, in union with academia, have continued to present articles claiming that ‘sex with children constitutes a common aspect of the gay and lesbian lifestyle’. For instance Prof. John DeCocco-Editor of the Journal of Homosexuality, in publishing articles on Male Intergenerational Intimacy suggests "parents should view a paedophile as who loves their son as a partner in the boy’s upbringing and welcome him."

The world over, gay activism is lobbying to lower the age of consent. Furthermore, NAMBLA in affiliation with the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) was once recognised by the UN as a Non-Government Organisation; hosting workshops and passing resolutions to abolish age of consent legislation stating.. ‘Same-sex age of consent laws operate to oppress not protect……. individuals regardless of age have a right to explore and develop his/her sexuality.’ In 1995 the UN rejected ILGA for refusing to sever links with pro-paedophilia associations.

Progressive normalisation of paedophilia, as with contemporary homosexuality, can be traced back to the dubious Kinsey sexuality research. He taught that children are sexual from birth and are hindered from freely engaging in sexual activity with adults only because of the Judeo-Christian repression.

On the international scene, there remains an elite group of scholars known as the Academic Paedophile Advocates who since 19775, have spawned periodic conferences on ‘intergenerational sex’. By 1987 these academicians created their own Journal of Paedophilia. Academic Paedophile Advocates insist that child sexual abuse is less harmful than physical neglect or even verbal abuse; adding … "classifying behaviour as abuse simply because it is viewed as immoral or defined as illegal is problematic."

The influence of these ‘experts’ has, in a manner parallel to that achieved by homosexual lobbyists, recently had the APA affirm that ‘a person can no longer be regarded as emotionally or psychologically disordered simply because he molests children…’

Redefining paedophilia and formerly disregarding it as a mental (and not criminal) disorder opens the door to greater social and legal acceptance.

This is good news says NAMBLA’s Director David Thorstad stating that ‘pederasty (or paedophilia) has, like homosexuality, existed in all societies. Homo-eroticism is an ubiquitous feature of human experience and efforts to repress it merely confirm that a man and a youth have always been attracted to each other and like homosexuality in general, their love is irrepressible’.

The internet is replete with sites and other information demanding greater social acceptance of paedophilia. Some recent titles are:–

• Fear grows over academic efforts to normalise pedophilia.
• Pedophiles seek on line support for societal acceptance.
• Psychiatric association debates lifting pedophilia taboo.
• 3% are sexually attracted to children.
• Pedophilia is going mainstream.
• Deconstructing Pedophilia.
• ‘Pedophilia Chic’ Reconstructed.

Numerous web-sites supported by ‘minor attracted adults’ (MAA’s), as paedophiles prefer to call themselves, function within legal limits. Albeit pining the fact that society stigmatises them as an underserved and misunderstood sexual minority. Some even purport to be Christian.

Harmful to Minors
This book with a subtitle – The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex- by Judith Levine 6,7, and published by the University of Minnesota, is one of the most controversial pro-paedophilia documents open for public scrutiny. In it Levine questions whether there is such a thing as paedophilia and contends that paedophiles are not generally violent. She faults government legislation for defining and making it illegal. She is a founding member of the feminist group No More Nice Girls and a strong advocate for alternative, or group, family structures. She describes her own initial sexual encounter as a minor as ‘perfectly good’.8

Levine attributes much of her commentary to authorities with links to the Dutch Journal of Paedophilia PAIDIKA.3

John Money, a former advisor to the Kinsey Institute, has been called one of the major Deans of Sexology. As a pro-paedophile idealist he is one who has affirmed the idea that homosexual orientation derives from ‘juvenile sexual rehearsal’. He is moreover, an advocate for legalising adult/child (intergenerational) sex. He sees nothing pathological about consensual sexual relationships between a 12 year old boy and older men. It is he who coined the term paraphilia to define various kinds of sexual orientation.

Another key source quoted in Levine’s book-Lawrence A. Stanley-was recently arrested on child porn charges. Other sources cited by Levine can be traced to association with NAMBLA.

In May 2001 the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University discussed the core "uncharted territory" of childhood sexuality and talked about Levine’s book, concluding that one of the biggest dangers to children was ‘fear’ instilled by religious conservatives.

One cannot but wonder about a possible relationship between Judith Levine and Lena Levine, who was a founding leader in 1953 of Planned Parenthood and a keen advocate of sex before marriage. To quote– "Our goal is to be ready as educators and parents to help young people obtain sex satisfaction before marriage. By sanctioning sex before marriage, we will prevent fear and guilt… we must be ready to provide young boys and girls with the best contraception measures available so that they will have the necessary means to achieve sexual satisfaction without having to risk possible pregnancy."9

Yet another influential academic is Wardell Pomeroy who was a co-author with Alfred Kinsey on Male (1948) and Female (1953) sexuality. He is a co-founder of the Institute on the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) allegedly in receipt of funds derived from the porn industry.

Pomeroy has been an outspoken opponent of repressive Judeo-Christian morals and persistent advocate of basic sexual rights. Namely: – "a recognition by society that every person partnered or un-partnered has a right to pursue a satisfactory consensual socio-sexual life free from political, legal or religious interference….including intergenerational –adult/child sex."

These forgoing comments outline the case being assembled to affirm that society should no longer discriminate or stigmatise adults attracted to children.
Conversion of a new generation.

Gay and lesbian activists are working to strengthen inter-national connections on a global scale. (PlanetOut magazine) In the push to enter schools they are pursuing a thesis in parallel with Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) whose Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: K (kindergarten)-12th Grade follow a philosophy proposed by Dr. Lester Kirkendall which states10– "The purpose of sex education is not... to control and suppress sex expression, as in the past, but to indicate the immense possibilities for human fulfilment that human sexuality offers. The individual must be given sufficient understanding to incorporate sex most fruitfully and most responsibly into his present and future life."

The key groups aiming to promote a positive image for the gay and lesbian life style are respectively the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)11 and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). These organisations contend that students who are inclined toward homosexuality suffer significant bullying and violence. Thus schools must provide a safe, tolerant environment free from harassment. The ‘safe zone’ program emphasises that:–
• Homosexuality is an acceptable and unchangeable identity.
• Society’s emphasis on heterosexuality and traditional marriage is discriminatory.
• Expressions implying that homosexual behaviour is morally wrong must be viewed as bigotry akin to racism.

The efficacy of the global links into schools was highlighted by the –anti-homophobia-questionnaire distributed to students in Wodonga last year. This same questionnaire was distributed earlier in the year at the Newton North High School, Mass. USA by the Gay/Straight Alliance12 (or Gay Clubs)

In Victoria it is sponsored by SSAFE (Same-sex Attracted Friendly Environments) by Family Planning-Victoria together with the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society- LaTrobe University. Furthermore it has been on the Tasmanian Govt. Education Dept. web site, for around 3 years, as "Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy Support Material".

Prof Graham Willett of Melbourne Uni. author of ‘Living out Loud’ - ‘A short history of US’ –during 2000, sent pro-homosexual research material to all Victorian secondary schools to, "provide practical assistance to students dealing with same-sex issues in their studies or their personal lives."

GLSEN and PFLAG curricular material13, such as Queering Elementary Education (1999) and Two Teenagers in Twenty, encourages experimentation with homosexuality. Other widely distributed books and pamphlets present gay and lesbian practices and lifestyle in a positive light. Material of this kind is already available to teachers in Australian schools. One example is- Two Weeks with the Queen- about a boy who visits relatives in London. He there meets up with a homosexual couple one of whom is dying of AIDS.

"Heather Has Two Mommies"; "Daddy's Roommate"; "Daddy's Wedding" and other publication from Alyson Publications are a major force in pushing the "diversity" agenda for children.

Wither the Future?
A letter in the Boston Globe 17 October 1997 angrily asserted that current disgust about paedophiles "is the same as was felt against those advocating black/white sexual relations forty years ago or toward homosexuals 25 years ago." ….inter-racial couples and even some homosexuals, may not like the analogy but, the implied time line (now 20 years) until paedophilia is accepted by the elites as a "civil right" should spur society to pre-emptive action.

In his book The American Sex Revolution, Dr. Pitirim Sorokin14 wrote that sexual anarchy occurs when "society degrades the values of womanhood and manhood, motherhood and fatherhood, marriage, family and love, itself." The result is "an explosion of socio-political disturbances" which threaten every marriage and every child.

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