Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good news?

Shrimp here: Hey, St Paul say, "Sleeper wake up!"

Concerned Mass. Parents Mobilizing to Battle Homosexual Agenda in Schools

By Jim Brown
May 24, 2005

(AgapePress) - Mothers and fathers in Lexington, Massachusetts, are coming together and speaking out in an effort to combat the school system's promotion of homosexuality in their children's classrooms.

Three events in Lexington schools have raised the ire of parents who feel the district has stepped over the line when it comes to teaching sexuality in the classroom. School officials are under fire for showing a so-called "diversity" video advocating lesbianism, holding a "Day of Silence" to remember the persecution of homosexuals, and having a parent arrested for protesting the presentation of pro-homosexual curricula in his son's kindergarten class.

Gerry Wambolt of the group Lexington Parents for Respect says area families have had enough. The cascading incidents of pro-homosexual activism in the community's schools are "more than a mere coincidence," he contends, and what has been happening is nothing less than "an attack on the family -- an attack on values."

Furthermore, Wambolt observes, "I wouldn't say it's an attack on Christian values, because it's not just that. It's an attack on Jewish values and Muslim values and virtually the values of anybody with common sense who has come into this country and into this town from other parts of the world."

The Lexington Parents for Respect spokesman says moms and dads in the community recently told the Lexington School Committee they are upset that radical homosexual policies are being implemented in the local schools. He notes that one parent in particular "mentioned a litany of things that took place, and he addressed it right to the superintendent of the schools here -- and said, 'If these things are true, then you should be put in jail.'"

Confrontations between school officials and concerned parents are "coming right down to the common street language of people who are more than beside themselves," Wambolt says, "and the town is just now beginning to wake up."

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You know Billy Graham call the ELCA "Sleeping Giant"?

I wish somone have courage to forward these stories to lay people!

Wake up!

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