Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shrimp here:

Farewell to meat?

I understand this blog as a place which employs a certain literary scornand disdain. Yes, we accuse, but only employing humor and embellishment to make a point about something not funny at all. The meat served here is the corruption of the church. There is no good lukewarm church. You human people need to wake up.You think because Rec 3 didn't pass you can go back into your shells? Ha, if it wasn't for the lay people, if it wasn't for the huge amount of effort by Solid Rock and WordAlone, the support staff whose salary you pay would have had you one more step to coven, not covenant.

Our enemy is not any flesh or blood, but the spirit of this world that blinds people into thinking they must make decisions about God, for God, and they end up playing God, but as deep as original sin goes, we play the fool and end up doing the devil's work.

This blog is just one, small project. It has been interesting. What follows may be the most absurd piece yet, inflammatory in fact, but its purpose is to show the absurdity. We humans have always worshiped ourselves, worship pleasure, worshiped false gods, but until the last decade, we never saw outright pagan worship done by clergy above ground.

Shrimp is taking a break concerning posting during Lent. I have to go hide anyway, the amateurs think they can get in good if they trade their steak for a plate of me and my cousins.

We shellfish wish everyone a good lent and that you keep the fast so you better participate in the feast. The only posts will be important news events.

We hope you are also organizing and presenting your resolutions on the authority of Schripture, promoting a Lutheran understanding of marriage, and for Pete's sake, settling on an orthodox candidate for Presiding Bishop.

We bid you peace and good-bye for now, but you think deeply about what lies behind the absurdity which follows.

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