Sunday, February 19, 2006

learn from your political and theological opponents

Go to and see the downloadable resolution templates. Change some words and submit them to your synod. Cut and paste their letter to the Church Council, change a few words and send it to Higgins Road.

GLBT holds high office because they began organizing and went out and did the local grunt work.

The time is now to get together with a friend, pray and determine to act politically, make a few phone calls and get theologically orthodox people nominated for synod positions. Get them on your synod council and reps to assembly.

Do it. No excuses. We should have more sympathy for the GLBT crowd than for lazy traditionalists. The former may be misguided, but the latter are hypocrites.

Time to network folks, either work to change the ELCA or start your own cell church. Fish or cut bait! (and believe me, as a crustacean, it aint easy to say that)

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