Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson wants to know, "What gospel are you proclaiming?"

Watch the video (if you look for the right place to click: View video of Bp Hansen (sic)

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No cheating, kids, listen to the whole thing....


Darel said...


You got me to waste 40 minutes of my life on this! Shame on you!

Here's the overwhelming theme of most of the sermon, captured in quoted select predominant themes: "differentiated consensus", "unity within diversity", "differentiated participation", "braided stream model of ekklesia", "pluriform ... multiple and flowing streams", "embrace ambiguity".

To Hanson, we are already united so let's embrace diversity. There is in fact no need for unity in any way that mere human beings can discern or measure -- so if you are baptized, anything goes as long as it's done in "good faith"! Sadly, this is a sickness unto the death of the ELCA, arisen from the greatest weakness of Lutheran theology -- ecclesiology.

So much mischief has come from the teaching of the church as both "hidden" and "revealed" (or the most common but less accurate "invisible" and "visible") that I am increasingly certain that it is a leven which is levening the whole lump for the worse.

Shrimp said...

Good exegetical work which shows it was no waste of time but a lesson learned so you can go out and teach someone in the big, fat soft middle of the ELCA that for some reason is totally oblivious to the fact that the one man charged with leading the church in truth, wel, to put the best face on it, seems to be infatuated with religious thoughts gathered from across the spiritual universe.

Hey, I got none of this leaven in my lump, neither does STS, or CoRe or lc3 people. I think it's only in some clergy and a few revisionist lay. I think it would not be as hard as all that to correct it. All we need is to get out the laity, get out the vote, and get the revisionists out of office.

Hanson is such a revisionist that he wants to do a 180 degree spin on the meaning of the Office of Keys, from the absolution of confessed sin to the "loosing of the meaning of the law." Why are people are not howling? They haven't even heard it.

It's no wonder that clergy who drink from different wells like it. No wonder why people who are bent on finding self-justification love it.

The most damning thing though is this was his occasion to wartn caution to the NY ministerium and the gathered ECUSANs who are getting ready to commit ecclesial suicide. He didn't say a word toward caution but instead floated heretic balloons.

Darel said...


Very good point on Hanson having the opportunity to warn the ECUSA, but instead he only offered encouragement for the lemmings to run further toward the cliff!

The 2006 ELCA Global Mission Event is going to be in my backyard later this year -- but with the Chief Heresiarch Frank Griswold (click the link to see what I mean) being a chief "speaker and guest" of the event which is held in conjunction with the completely apostate ECUSA, I won't be touching the GME with a 10-foot asherah pole.


Shrimp said...

BTW, Darel, I think Hanson should have dealt with Metro NY clergy directly and ECUSA generally. The former is his job. If he would have known what to do with MNY and had the guts to do it, ECUSA woiuld have read it loud and clear.

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