Monday, February 20, 2006

How's it looking today in the Anglican Communion?

From Canon Kendall Harmon of Titusonenine:

Once again Integrity tries the tired and failed “identity and inclusion” tack. But that isn’t the issue.

As the Texas Monthly article discussed a while ago notes:

“It is a common misconception that conservatives like Iker, Stanton, and Roseberry want to exclude gays from the church altogether. This is not what they say, and there is no evidence that it is true. (They are even agreeable to being part of a church that ordains homosexuals, as they have proven for more than two decades.) Their position is that Scripture holds homosexual acts to be unnatural, ungodly, and therefore sinful.”

What then is the symptomatic issue, the tip of the iceberg?

“So there are two issues coming out of this that need patient study. What is the nature of a holy and Christ-like life for someone who has consistent homosexual desires? And what is the appropriate discipline to be applied to the personal life of the pastor in the Church?”

Who said that? Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Behavior and standards for leadership are the heart of the presenting issue. It is the same issue for all five of the candidates. Do they display a pattern of life which the church recognizes as holy and Christ-like and therefore Christian?

In order to answer that question, what standard shall be used in terms of one of many aspects of the candidates behavior?

“The church overall, the church of England in particular, the Anglican communion has not been persuaded that same-sex sex can be holy and blessed. Were it to decide that by some process - unimaginable to most of you - it would be by an overwhelming consensus and only at that point would it be possible to say in the name of the church, this is holy and blessed. So I take my stand with the church of England, with the Communion, with the majority of Christians through the ages.”

Who is that? Again, Rowan Williams–KSH.

Why our PB Hanson wants to follow ECUSA's lead, when they are heading to "Time out!," well, can anyone tell me? If somone like Rowan Williams says that he cannot even imagine that a case will ever be made that homoesexual sex will be called a "holy and blessed" thing, why are we even having the discussion that this is a possible outcome for the ELCA.


Dan said...

Hanson wants to view the gay deal as another stage in the civil rights/feminist movement. He came of age in that time and chooses to see Scripture as secondary to fulfilling his dream of being a bold and courageous messiah, bringing homoerotic folk into the promised land. At the least, he is delusional. He could care less that this would cut the elca off from Christianity's future centers in Africa and Asia, where Scriptural Christianity is thriving.

Shrimp said...

That's about the size of it...

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