Monday, January 28, 2008

Presbytery OKs first step for lesbian's ordination

from Christian Century story:

Pam Byers, executive director of the San Francisco-based Covenant Network of Presbyterians, which favors homosexuals' inclusion in the church, called the vote "wonderful news." She said that one reason it has taken so long for a PCUSA presbytery to apply the new option was that "many presbyteries instantly adopted policies saying in effect that they would not follow the 2006 rule."

In contrast, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which approved a resolution last summer urging local and regional church bodies to refrain from punishing churches that call partnered homosexual pastor candidates, has seen two lesbians ordained in the past three months.

In Chicago, Bishop Wayne Miller publicly stated in November that he would not discipline Resurrection Lutheran Church, which ordained Jen Rude.On January 19 in Minneapolis, Jennifer Nagel was ordained and installed as pastor of Salem English Lutheran Church in what was called an "extraordinary" service outside the guidelines for ordinations, which ban ordination of noncelibate gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to the ministry. Three retired bishops took part in the service. It was not immediately known what position Bishop Craig Johnson of Minneapolis has taken in the matter.

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