Thursday, January 03, 2008

Peanut Butter and Jelly Restraint

Shrimp here.

It's sweet, today's Staff Blog entry over at The Lutheran Magazine's blog. An Associate Editrix of The Lutheran tells of sitting in the pew at church last month. In this church, there are 6 copies of the relatively new (for this congregation) Evangelical Lutheran Worship that have the names of her family in them, but they'd not actually seen them yet. But one day last month, well, Shrimp'll let the editrix describe it (without the children's full names) herself:
So on a December Sunday we opened the hymnal and there it was: A hymnal with our family’s name in it. Given in thanksgiving for our children: P, O and A. My spouse held it in front of P’s face and he did a double-take. He visually stuck his neck out and stared.
Yes, it's sweet, a little boy seeing his name in the hymnal. And showing it to his parents: Mommy -- who has been near the top of The Lutheran's food chain for nearly 8 years now -- and her "spouse."

Shrimp has written about this editrix before, most recently on the occasion of her recently published book, Peanut Butter and Jelly Prayers. And now that you've clicked the prior link, you've been reminded that Miss Sevig's "spouse," who is Associate Pastor of their church, also answers to "Mommy."

Yes, it's sweet. Sickeningly sweet.

Shrimp out.

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