Thursday, January 17, 2008

Get your environmental Lenten devotions online!

Shrimp here. One of the nice things about having an early Lent and Easter is that we won't have to worry about conflicts with Earth Day. Nevertheless, this is the ELCA:

Sign up and receive daily environmental Lenten devotions online.

Subscribe to "Living Earth: A 40-Day Reflection on Our Relationship With God's Creation"

Called to be in communion with God's creation, we must live in such a way that is sensitive to precious natural resources and in conscious relationship to the earth, creatures and each other. This 40-day Lenten reflection series will offer a holistic approach to how we live as earthly companions, combining God's caring relationship with creation to our journey in the physical universe. Each e-mail emphasizes individual and communal solutions, resources for further learning and suggestions for how to act or become more educated.

Subscribe to the ELCA's daily 2008 environmental Lenten reflections, "Living Earth: A 40-Day Reflection on Our Relationship With God's Creation" at

This is a limited subscription; the first e-mail will arrive on Ash Wednesday and the last e-mail will arrive Easter Sunday.

Okay. Shrimp wasn't expecting "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." But a Green Lent?

Shrimp out.


Clam said...

Called to be in communion with God's creation???

I suppose we should be grateful that it doesn't say "Called to be in communion with what Godself has created".

Cap'n Bill said...

Called to be in communion, my barnacles! That jumped out at me, too. Pure pantheism.

These people need to get some religion, Christian religion, that is.

Anonymous said...

That description is dead on what our generation needs to hear. If you really think its Man's job to rape and pillage the Earth just to increase his number than you are the embodiment of the evil and pride of Adam's folly. How can you claim to be in line with God's will when you put yourself at the center?

Besides, why do you people care so much what the ELCA does or says? If you don't like it, you should leave!

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