Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Here!!!

It's here.
On Feb. 19, 2009, the Task Force for ELCA Studies on Sexuality released the proposed social statement on human sexuality, Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust, and the Report and Recommendation on Ministry Policies. The work of the task force is now complete.

Both documents will be reviewed by the Church Council at its meeting in Chicago, March 27-30, 2009. At this time the Church Council may amend the proposed social statement, the ministry policy recommendation or both.

The Church Council is expected to transmit its recommendations to the 2009 Churchwide Assembly, August 17-23, 2009, in Minneapolis. The assembly will consider both the recommended proposed social statement with impending resolutions and the ministry policy recommendation.

Please visit the frequently asked questions pages for the proposed social statement and for the Report and Recommendation on Ministry Policies.

On this Web site you will find resources and up-to-date information about the process for the development of the social statement as well as historical documents related to the issue of sexuality.

Thank you for joining us in this journey of discernment.


Anonymous said...

I just perused the social statement and recommendations. Basically, they have punted once more saying - Churchwide Assembly, you decide if you want to go any further in allowing gay ordination and recognition of same-sex relationships. When it comes to nitty gritty of the social statement, they bascially say, look, here are the views of people in the ELCA, no consensus. Way to go at describing the obvious task force. I could say more, but that appears to be the crux of it.

Anonymous said...

Lutheran Core just posted a great news release. They are urging the rejection of all of the recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Alright, so the bottom line is that the Task Force would like to see everyone "just get along" and allow for local option. I can see why Lutheran CORE wants all the recommendations defeated. I can also see where this will not happen (sadly). For I know a number of "conservative" ELCAers who think local option is the way to save that church body. God help them.

I will keep the ELCA in prayer that they may act according to God's Word and not according to the spirit of this age.

Peace in the Lord!
Rob Buechler

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