Thursday, February 19, 2009

And They're Off...

Shrimp here, with a message hot off the presses from Lutherans Concerned/North America, the gay advocacy group for all Lutherans. Shrimp out (no, not that way), LC/NA (with original typos) in:

February 18, 2009
Prerss contact: Phil Soucy

Leaders of Lutherans Concerned to comment on Lutheran "Proposed Social Statement on Human Sexuality

Leaders of Lutherans Concerned, an outreach organization committed to the full inclusion of LGBT people in church and society, will be available for comment on the just released Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) "Proposed Social Statement on Human Sexuality" from 1:30–2:00 pm EST on Thursday. The availability will be on a conference call line.

The proposed social statement and recommendations regarding the rostering of pastors in committed same-gender relationships are being released publically by the ELCA at 1:00 pm EST on Thursday, February 19, 2009. The ELCA Church Council will revise / amend the document, or not, at its meeting in Chicago, March 27–30.

Following the action of the Church Council, the then "Recommended Social Statement on Human Sexuality" and its rostering recommendations will be submitted for deliberation and action to the ELCA Churchwide Assembly, August 17–23, 2009, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Issues of church blessings of same-gender relationships and ordination of gay clergy in such committed relationships will again come before the August assembly.

Who: Leaders from Lutherans Concerned / North America

What: Available for comment on the ELCA "Proposed Social Statement on Human Sexuality" and rostering recommendation for LGBT clergy

When: 1:30–2:00 pm EST, February 19th

Where: Phone 218-339-4600 Access code 346654#

Those unable to participate in the comment availability can reach spokespersons later at 651-665-0861.

Phil Soucy
Director Communications LC/NA

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