Friday, April 25, 2008

Goodsoil drafts memorials for 2008 synod assemblies

Goodsoil drafts memorials for 2008 synod assemblies
Dear Supporter of Full Inclusion:
The church is in the midst of a time of thoughtful and prayerful discernment about issues relating to human sexuality. A crucial part of the process of discernment entails the synods in assembly to communicate their views about these issues. The Goodsoil Legislative Team has drafted four memorials addressing the 2009 Churchwide Assembly. These memorials concern rostered ministry, blessing services, and violence and discrimination perpetrated on account of a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.
We encourage those interested in receiving copies of these memorials to contact the Team at We will then send you copies, along with a few notes and instructions.
Please note that in March 2009, the Church Council will make its final decisions about what sexuality recommendations it will present to the 2009 Churchwide Assembly in Minneapolis. This March 2009 date comes well before the beginning of the 2009 synod assembly season. Therefore, it is very important that synods wishing to communicate their views do so during the 2008 synod assembly season, rather than wait for 2009. See for the full timeline of key points in the process.
We ask that you consider these memorials to determine if one or more may be appropriate for introduction in your own synod. If so, we urge you to submit them for consideration at your 2008 synod assembly.
Grace and peace,
The Goodsoil Legislative Team

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