Sunday, March 18, 2007

Memorials for 2007 Churchwide Assembly

Now that we have received the unprecedented decision in the Schmeling disciplinary hearing which suggests outright policy change through synodical and churchwide action, the legislative team of has prepared the memorial package for the 2007 synod assembly season.
Below please find links to templates for the three memorials that we hope will be passed by a significant number of synod assemblies and therefore reach the floor of the Churchwide Assembly, August 6-12, in Chicago. The memorial templates are listed in order of the most change to the least change. The legislative team will provide a fact sheet, talking points, and strategies as requested.
The first memorial is in direct response to the Decision of the Discipline Hearing Committee (the Committee) in the Schmeling case. The memorial contains very precise and specific language that reflects the Committee’s suggestions. The legislative team has carefully researched the language of this memorial. Try to avoid amendments and substitutions that may cause the resolution to be ruled out of order by the chair of your synod assembly. We have used the word “direct” because, as it states in the “whereas” section, that is the precise instruction of the Secretary of the ELCA. This is the most critical resolution to pass. If you need strategies to address proposed changes to this resolution or have other questions about this template, contact the legislative team at
The second and third templates, one to encourage refraining from discipline and the other endorsing restraint in the use of discipline are also precise in their intent, but have less specific language. These memorials call for less change and the third simply endorses the latitude already granted in the discipline process as noted in chapter 20 of the ELCA Constitution. Versions of the third memorial have already been passed as synodical policies by the assemblies of over half a dozen synods in 2006.
Some members of the legislative team will be available to attend synod assemblies as requested and as their schedules allow. The team is committed to providing assistance to the best of our abilities in the midst of our other full time responsibilities. We share your passion for justice to prevail in our church and are deeply grateful for your commitment to inclusion and the full participation of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.
Steven Krefting and the Rev. Jayne ThompsonGoodsoil Legislative Team Co-Chairs

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