Sunday, March 18, 2007

How to Change the ELCA

How to Change the ELCA
Here are some concrete steps that you can take to move the ELCA forward. If you have actions to add to this list or if you are working with a local group to move the church forward, please share your work with the goodsoil community. Send emaill to
You are invited to prayerfully consider where you can enter into the support process. This list is based on recommendations from the Mission Development Committee of Lutheran Lesbian and Gay Ministries. For more information about your role in making the ELCA a more inclusive church, please send email to
Worship: -- Invite an ECP pastor to preach and preside at your church and do an educational forum afterwards.
Reconciling in Christ: -- Invite your congregation to make an Affirmation of Welcome and join the Reconciling in Christ program.
Supply Opportunities: -- Invite an ECP pastor to be your supply pastor when your pastor is on vacation.
Internships: -- Have an ECP seminary candidate do an intern year at your church.
Blessings: -- Start doing blessings for GLBT relationships. There is NO policy against this and your bishop has no grounds to discipline pastors or congregations for blessing GLBT relationships.
Associate Pastors: -- Call an associate pastor from the ECP roster.
Get Ready: -- Do the ground work so your congregation can call an ECP pastor when they are in their next pastoral search. Don't wait until the last minute. Make the decision now to open your next call process to ECP candidates. Contact for more information.
Support Mission Development: -- Have your congregation make a financial comment to LLGM, either through a one time fund raising event, through a special offering or as a budgeted outreach ministry
Organize: -- Gather other straight ally pastors together and as a large group renounce your signing of V&E (or even remove your self from the ELCA roster and form a resistance roster).

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