Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Tune: Ein' Feste Burg, No. 551 in the Hymnal 1940

Two thousand years we feared our love,

Condemned "unnatural sinners";

Now stepping forth from heaven above

Christ makes Gays special winners:

This world is filled with hate;

It seems almost too late

For God to interfere

Again to bring love here,

But that's what God is doing.

No more can foes God's plans decide

Nor obfuscate God's choosing.

God's love for Gays they cannot hide.

Their puppetry is losing.

The Lord of heaven and earth

Affirms Gays' priceless worth:

Our ransom has been paid:

Joint heirs with Christ we're made:

Let homophobes take notice!

The Church once asked to have us killed

Our blood has writ this witness

All ignorant minds must now be filled

With sexual truth and fitness

The pressures still are strong

To work on Gays much wrong

We're called to persevere

Endure our holy fear

For Christ commands our army.

Our strength is not in guns or laws

Our weapon is but meekness

We can forgive our foes their flaws

Gay might is just such "weakness"

More friends will join this fight

Because the Lord is right

Gay bodies house God's spirit

But only through Christ's merit

God's love will triumph through us.

--Louie Crew

1 comment:

independent bishop said...

Never mind the message. It's bad poetry. Crew made his living teaching English at a third-rate state university in New Jersey. You could forgive his theology, but not the horrible, ignorant, ugly scansion of lines like "CON-demned un-NATCH-ral siiii---ners."

Louie Crew is a bloated incompetent.

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