Saturday, March 18, 2006

What is going on in Sierra Pacific?

Thanks to our amazing advances in technology you are now able to visit Ebenezer Lutheran Church (ELCA) and ask Pastor Stacy, "We just moved into the neighborhood and we are looking at ELCA churches. We want to find one like back home where our faith was fed through Word and Sacrament. How would you describe Ebenezer?"

To which pastor Stacy says, (go here)


Lost_in_Chicago said...

Hmmmm.... their web site SHOUTS OUT:

A Reconciling In Christ Congregation

Can we now have any misunderstanding where the people leading this movement want to take us!!

How can this woman hold up the Holy Scripture and believe the sinful things she's saying is Biblically Based??!!

Wake up people... before it's too late. There is a spirit at work here, it’s the one with the little “s”.


Anonymous said...

I notice that "herchurch"

has been noticed
over at Mere Comments, the Touchstone Magazine blog. Thanks, Pastor Stacy, for the great publicity! /sarcasm

The good ship ELCA...

The good ship ELCA...
Or the Shellfish blog...