Monday, March 06, 2006

God used a movie about gay cowboys to release me from the burden of my past. (!)

"Homosexuality has been like a ghost, hiding in the shadows of my shame, telling me I can never reach my full potential as a Christian. As strange and contradictory as it may sound, seeing Brokeback Mountain helped me bury that ghost and begin moving forward.

"What I saw in Brokeback Mountain tore my heart apart. I cried with Alma when she discovered the truth about Ennis and Jack. I also cried for the countless wives in real life who know that their husbands are leading a secret existence. I cried even harder for the men, more in number than we realize, who are trapped in sexual sin and don't know how to escape it. And as I wept, I wondered if God could use me to help reach some of them with his grace and delivering power."

Read it all at CT

I don't think the the GLBT advocates or our bishops have a clue to how many of our members have turned their back on this lifestyle and can never go along with a church who blesses this because they have wounded consciences. They don't believe it becasue one of their core beliefs is that ex-gay ministrys are a sham.

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