Friday, October 15, 2010

The ELCA's (Latest) Redesign

Shrimp here.

We'll admit to scratching our head as we were reading this thinking, "How did we find this?" But there we were on the web site of the Southwestern Minnesota Synod reading a pdf version of the Synod's PowerPoint® presentation for Bishop Jon Anderson's "webinar of effects on ELCA Redesign & Synodical Changes." That Synod's website also includes a link to a 24-minute video of Presiding Bishop Hanson's overview of the redesign presented at an All Staff Convocation last Monday.

The presentation quotes Bishop Hanson,
  • "I think we are in a time of 'turning and being turned' as this church.
  • The next 11 months … could be the most significant in the 22-year history of the ELCA.
  • These months could be, and I'm confident they will be,"
In his overview, Bishop Hanson observes that 2 years ago the ELCA receiving about $65 million in annual mission support; the new redesign expects annual mission support for each of the next three years to be $45-48 million. Whew!

In his presentation, you will notice Bishop Hanson's subdued tone -- a marked contrast from his tone in ELCA News release about the new design.

Shrimp is struck by the following comments in the SWMinn Synod presentation under the subtitle "Reformation" --
  • Semper Reformada – always reforming the structures of the church to serve the changeless Gospel in our changing world.
  • Committee for New Lutheran Church – 1980’s
    • 25 plus years ago
    • No internet
    • Some right, some wrong, much has changed
  • Streamline
  • Smart
  • Never waste a crisis –makes clear our priorities in organizational structure
  • How have you been reforming your life in your local congregation lately to serve your mission field?
Shrimp wonders: Would it not be better to prevent a crisis -- or better yet, not create one -- than to waste it?

Anyway, you are supposed to be able to view Bishop Anderson's webinar here...

Bishop Jon Anderson - ELCA Churchwide Redesign from Tammy Sather - SW MN Synod on Vimeo.

...though we were unable to get it to work when we posted this.

Shrimp out.

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