Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scallop here, taking a break from sermon-prep and a certain text about demons being cast out of humans and into certain unkosher critters.

Discerning shellfish-scouts, not to mention pastors and parishoners in forums, bishops' consultations, synod assemblies and the stillness of their hearts, have been asking one question over and over -- since last August and even before.
  • The question? "What's next?" in the wake of the ELCA's August 2009 decision that human teaching trumps holy, biblical authority.

Scallop is awash in disappointment but not surprised ...

  • The overarching answer: "Legion" - for the answers are many and scary as a bunch of demons being driven into a herd of hogs.

Case in point: For one of the legion of answers, consider this post -- "16 pastors file charges against Penn. pastor" June by Susan Hogan © Pretty Good Lutherans. In respect for her copyright, we'll just post her link and encourage you have a read. It's posted June 15 at

Anyway, a Scallop shout-out:

  • to Susan for continued coverage of this issue and other things Lutheran in fine, objective journalistic fashion. Pretty Good Writing is her blog-name, and fittingly so. She reports well -- readers decide. Check the right hand column for links to related items.
  • to the Lower Susquehanna 16 -- the 16 pastors who have shown their courage by calling for their bishop to handle this matter in keeping with, well, just read it (footnotes and all) and you'll know.

What's next?

Lord, have mercy.

Scallop out.

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