Sunday, April 11, 2010

ELCA Church Council Finishes Job, Moves On

Shrimp again, just having checked the ELCA News Twitter Feed:
#ELCA Council affirms timeline for 2011 genetics social statement, asks for conversation on future statements & report & recs in Nov.
1 minute ago via HootSuite

#ELCA Council authorizes rite of "Reception to the Roster of Ordained Ministers" for ELM pastors OK'd by candidacy comms and who have call
6 minutes ago via HootSuite

#ELCA Council amends various Board of Pensions benefit plans to extend benefits to eligible partners in same-gender relationships.
about 2 hours ago via HootSuite

Secretary Swartling says 308 congs. of 10,000+ have taken 1st votes to leave #ELCA -- 228 passed, 87 failed; 89 passed 2nd votes.
about 3 hours ago via HootSuite
The image running through our mind is Nero fiddling...

Shrimp out.

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Anonymous said...

It was highly doubtful that the Council would do something other than follow the will of the Churchwide Assembly's majority vote. Conservatives seemed to be hoping they would ignore it, but that was wishful thinking.

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