Wednesday, February 03, 2010

And the Theme for Lent Is...

Shrimp here. Whether you saw your shadow or not, looks like the ELCA is in for lots more winter. In our inbox yesterday just in time from the ELCA Washington for those who haven't figured out a theme for this Lent..

...Climate Justice

We were invited to share this widely within our networks.

We know -- the Catechism is just so old-fashioned. But it's not a new sexuality statement. Share and enjoy...

Shrimp out.

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This year the ELCA is teaming up with the National Council of Churches to offer a Lenten Resource exploring Climate Justice and how it relates to each one of us in our daily lives and communities.

The resource is being written with the help of clergy, activists and friends from around the country.

Each week the series will explore a new issue, lifting up stories from around the globe and providing ways that you and your congregation can help address climate change in your own lives.

Here are the topics that will be covered during Lent:
    - Climate change and Health
    - Climate change and Economics
    - Climate change and Development
    - Climate change and Disaster/Migration
    - Climate change and Food Security
    - Holy week reflections on climate justice

If you would like to receive these Lenten reflections and explorations on climate change, please visit and sign up!

In addition to the Climate Justice series, you will also receive a monthly reflection specifically from the ELCA on caring for creation topics.

Visit to download Lenten environmental worship resources, "Creation Waits with Eager Longing." Originally created to accompany the 2009 Living Earth reflection series, you can adapt the resources to best fit your needs.

ELCA Washington Office

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Scallop said...

oh,my.Oh,My.OHMY! -- pardon my online shouting, but this is as good a reason to redirect mission share (e.g. away from the ELCA Washington Office) as I've ever seen.

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