Saturday, August 15, 2009

Goodsoil's "A-list Bishops" to Meet for Assembly

Shrimp again, with a preview of events at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly that begins this Monday. For instance, the "full inclusion" forces have put on their website,
Goodsoil intends to have a presence during all parts of Churchwide. From graceful engagement with voting members during meals to a large, public worship service, Goodsoil intends to be involved with every aspect of the Assembly.
That page and the Goodsoil schedule for the Assembly give us a good hint of what they'll be up to.

One activity doesn't show up, but an ALPB Forum Blog entry offers information on an additional Goodsoil gathering:
To: A-list Bishops in support of full inclusion
From: The Rev. Christopher Berry and Emily Eastwood of the Goodsoil Legislative Team

Several of you have asked that we convene with you for updates and strategies regarding opening night, the social statement and the rostering recommendations.

You are hereby invited to a meeting on Monday, August 17th, at Central Lutheran in the Lower Narthex Usher's Room from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm for a very light lunch, make your own sandwiches and beverages. We will have all the fixin's. Use the large doors on the north side of the building which faces the access to 35W. Trusted volunteers will meet you at the door.

There will be a second meeting with allied bishops Wednesday night immediately following the Goodsoil worship in the Fireside Lounge at Central. We know that some bishops are vesting and you are invited to do so if you feel so called. Even if you do not vest, please attend and invite your voting members. The color of the day is green.

We recognize that at this point you have an agreement amongst yourselves regarding participation in debate at the Assembly. We ask that you take whatever actions are necessary within the conference to enable your full participation as the Spirit leads.

We will be discussing strategies and tactics for debate for the week. We reaffirm our support for the social statement as submitted as well as the policy recommendations. We will be holding voting member meetings at 1:00 pm and 9:30 pm on Monday in Goodsoil Central Room 200 in the Convention Center. Daily voting member briefings will be held in the same room each evening.

Both of us are available for discussion at any time with you or your voting members. We look forward to working with you toward passage of both the social statement and policy change. In these last days of preparation the Spirit has been palpably present amongst us. We hold you, the voting members, those who would oppose full inclusion, and indeed the whole church in prayer.

The Rev. Christopher Berry (voting member) XXX-XXX-XXXX Cell
Just Plain Emily Eastwood (visitor) XXX-XXX-XXXX Cell
So if you are one of those ELCA Churchwide Assembly Voting Members charmed by the Goodsoil Singers as you walk through the Skyways to the Convention Center, remember that they've got a lot of ELCA power on their side, too.

Shrimp out.


Anonymous said...

So we should be afraid of a group that talks to lay, clergy, and the Bishops? I take it Core and Word alone will not be having any similar sessions and tactics with thier allies?

Clam said...

Come now, Anonymous, what did Shrimp say that implied anything improper or nefarious about these meetings? The point here is simple: evidence that the Goodsoil agenda is being driven in part by folks at the highest levels of ELCA leadership. That's probably not news, but for those of us who've been saying it for a while, it is useful to see the evidence.

Jeff Ruby said...

I don't believe CORE is meeting or inviting Bishops to secret meetings where "trusted" people check you in at the door. Sounds like a cultish kind of thing.

Of course this is driven at the highest levels. Changing the 2/3 to a simple majority, a press release four days before Assembly with two month old material on a survey that wasn't even specific to ELCA...nah, it is all just as open as it can be!

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