Monday, July 28, 2008

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon Us

Shrimp here. The eyes of Texas -- or at least (according to Lutheran (True!) Confessions) the eyes of Houston -- were upon Grace Lutheran Church which demonstrated that, indeed, it "is not your average Lutheran church" (you did click the link to its website, didn't you?) by providing for the out-of-the-ordinary ordination of Lura Groen, about whom we have previously written here and here, last Saturday afternoon.

Houston's City Controller and City Councilwoman, both out-and-proud lesbians, were co-chairladies of the post-ordination, $100 per plate, fund-raising dinner gala where apparently a proclamation by Houston's Mayor declaring July 26 "Pastor Lura Groen Day" was read. Pretty heady way to begin one's ministry, no?

Meanwhile OutSmart, "Houston's gay, lesbian, bi, and trans magazine," reports that Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod Bishop Michael Rinehart "says he will take advantage of the 2007 call for restraint until [the 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly]."

"I have been very pleased to receive the welcome of the bishop," Groen tells OutSmart. "I understand that the bishop is under many pressures and needs to do his job to be the bishop, so I have been very pleased that he has been personally welcoming to me."

Shrimp -- now awaiting confirmation that either Miss Groen is providing positive spin or Bishop Rinehart was earlier engaging in a little ecclesial sabre rattling (but not holding our breath waiting -- out.

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