Friday, May 09, 2008

Rob Gagnon on his Open Letter

Dear friends,

I have written an open letter to the President of the University of Toledo, Lloyd Jacobs. Jacobs suspended a black female administrator (Crystal Dixon) for lovingly questioning, in a newspaper editorial, a comparison between being homosexual and being black. In my open letter I cite six scientific studies that show the fallacy of comparing homosexuality to race and make a brief philosophical case against incentives for homosexual practice. You can read the letter at, along with my response to a critic of my letter (who subsequently reconsidered his stance) and a link to a worldnetdaily interview of me for this open letter.

Think about the audacity of Jacobs’ actions.

Although identifying herself in passing in the newspaper editorial as an employee of the university, Ms. Dixon did not claim to be representing the official university stance on homosexual practice. But apparently President Jacobs thinks that he can control the public expression of religious and moral values of his employees, not only in the workplace environment (that would be bad enough) but also outside the workplace. Of course, if I worked under Jacobs' totalitarian regime I would be suspended or fired for daring to make the arguments that I make in my open letter and that President Jacobs does not have the ability to answer.

When will Christians wake up to the seriousness of the threat to our civil liberties posed by the homosexualist agenda and vote accordingly? Jacobs can attempt such outrages only because he lives in a political culture that on a state, local, and increasingly national level is becoming bold in affirming homosexual practice and abridging the liberties of those who disagree. Just ask yourself whether it makes sense to vote for someone who thinks that you are a hateful, ignorant bigot and the moral equivalent of a racist because you believe that it is unloving to support the dishonoring of one's maleness or femaleness through same-sex intercourse. Ask yourself whether it makes sense to vote for someone who will work to pass legislation (and/or appoint judges) that can get you or your children fired, fined, incur massive court costs, denied educational opportunities or career advancement, denied adoption rights, and/or be forced to teach or be taught the homosexualist agenda.

Also new on my website is an article on “Neglected References for a Forum on Homosexuality and the Church at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.” This gives a good overview of the resources that I have made available on the Bible and homosexual practice.


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