Saturday, June 30, 2007

More reports about the Ann Holmes Redding

Just so folk know that people such as Shrimp who say this battle is not about sexuality, but the authority of Scripture, are RIGHT! AND THERE ARE FAR WORSE THINGS THAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN THE AUTHORITY OF SCRIPTURE IS MISUNDERSTOOD (heresy is one thing, but apostacy quite another). The Rev. Ann Holmes Redding of the Olympia Diocese, TEC, comes along and proves the point with amazing aplomb. This person and her bishop are unruffled. The diocese put her sermon for the Trinity Sunday on their web site.

This is the truly scary thing about revisionists is that they seem to be generally proud of themselves and want to share their work even when it is written poorly.

Here is the story if you haven't read it.

Here is an interesting blog post with great photos.

This is what we have ahead of us in the mainline--not just heresy but apostacy. And proud of it.

The ELCA leadership should make a statement distancing itself from TEC for the failure of their bishops to safeguard its flock from heresy and apostacy, but then they would have to do or say something about this.

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