Thursday, February 08, 2007

Click here. Read. Weep.


Anonymous said...


Come to the LCMS. The ELCA is finished and not worth saving. We have our issues, but an outright repudiation of Scripture isn't our bag.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is exactly the kind of thing my congregations have been expecting, and we are now in the process of moving to LCMC. It seems that reform may not be in the cards for the ELCA. Such willfulness may in fact be a sign that God's judgment is being fully visited upon it.

Of course, those who wish to remain and fight have my prayers and my support. There may be a remnant.

Peace in the Lord!
Rob Buechler

Norsk said...


As one of those "fools for Christ" that has decided to stay and fight for orthodoxy in the ELCA, let me say that I look forward to the day when all those who have left will be reunited with the faithful remnant that remains in way or another...we know Who wins in the end.

Ryan Schwarz
Lutheran CORE Steering Committee member

Anonymous said...


Your prayer is mine as well! Until then, we will be united in the same faith and love.

Peace in the Lord!
Rob Buecher, Pastor
Trinity-Bergen/Faith Lutheran Parish

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