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Megan Writes Her Own Press Release: "Consortium of San Francisco Lutheran Churches to Ordain a Queer Pastor on November 18th."

All the best, Megan!

Shrimp here: Of all the human people I have met venturing on dry land, Megan is the most upfront in her radical revisionism of what it measn to be Lutheran. She seems to truly believe that she has an inside on what Martin Luther would say about her.
I think she actually shows that the ELCA is in deep epistimological problems. I'm only sorry I didn't hear of this earlier. I suppose the ELCA's only hope is to help San Francisco start their own denomnation and let similar minded people from around the ELCA join them.

by Megan Rohrer Wednesday, Nov. 08, 2006 at 6:29 PM

Consortium of San Francisco Lutheran Churches to Ordain a Queer Pastor on November 18th.

A consortium of Lutheran churches in San Francisco are set to ordain an openly queer person to minister to the homeless in San Francisco, in direct conflict with official policies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Christ Church Lutheran, Ebenezer Lutheran, St. Francis Lutheran and St. Mary and St. Martha Lutheran plan to ordain Megan Rohrer on Saturday, Novemeber 18th, 2006 in a service to be held at Ebenezer Lutheran Church at 3pm. The action follows the ordination of Erik Christensen that happened on October 21st at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Chicago. Both Eric and Megan were approved for call by the Extraordinary Candidacy Project (ECP).

The Rev. Jeff R. Johnson, pastor of University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley and president of the Extraordinary Candidacy Project, remarks: "I thank God for Megan and for the courageous witness of Bay Area Lutherans! Megan is a wonderfully gifted candidate for ordination and will make a terrific Lutheran pastor.”

On August 27th, Ebenezer became the first congregation to vote to call Megan (see Like most ELCA congregations that have called ECP roster members, Ebenezer is one of Lutherans Concerned/North America's Reconciling in Christ congregations. This vibrant parish in the heart of San Francisco is known for its cutting edge ministry and "re-imaging" what it means to be church. With its focus on feminism and gender, this congregation is an excellent match for Megan theologically.

Megan explains, "As an extraordinary candidate for ministry, I feel that my access and privilege oblige me to speak openly about the queerness of scripture on behalf of and for the sake of my queer kin. This does not mean talking about queer things all the time, or that I minister only to or for queer people. Rather, it means that I am called to be honest not only about my own queer gender and sexuality, but also about the diverse sex, gender and sexuality constructions in scripture, the nature of God and in the body of Christ."

On January 20th 1990, St. Francis and First United became the first congregations to defy the ELCA, when they called and ordained Ruth Frost, Phyllis Zillhart and Jeff Johnson. On January 22nd the ELCA filed charges against St. Francis and First United which lead to the expulsion of both congregations from the ELCA.

In the 16 years that have past since the ordination of Frost, Zillart and Johnson, the ELCA’s discipline of churches who call sexual minority pastors has been very inconsistent. For example, in 1997, the Rev. Steven P. Sabin was tried and defrocked because of his partnership while serving at Lord of Life Lutheran in Ames, Iowa. Yet, no disciplinary action was taken in 2001 when Rev. Sabin accepted an illegal and “irregular" call to Christ Church.

Rohrer’s ordination comes after the ELCA completed a four year process of “study and discernment” in preparation for a vote in August of 2005 on the issues of gay clergy and same-sex blessings. At that time, the church voted not to change its official church policy allows lesbian or gay persons to serve only if they take a vow of celibacy. However, in response to the policy of the national church, the Sierra Pacific Synod voted at their 2006 synod assembly to commend “the office of the Bishop of this Synod for its exercise of the discretion explicitly granted by the ELCA’s governing documents, and encourages that the Bishop’s office continue to be guided by restraint in the administration of those policies only applicable to sexual minority rostered persons” (resolution 06-06).

It is unclear how the Bishop will respond to the congregations that are calling Rohrer and ordaining her. The Bishop may choose restraint, or to follow the lead of Bishop Ron Warren of Southeastern Synod, who has filed formal charges against out Pastor Bradley Schmeling on August 8, 2006 for "behavior incompatible with the character of the ministerial office."

Rev. Johnson sees Megan's ordination as another opportunity for Lutherans to confront the policy this policy. “Megan’s ordination not only bears witness to her gifts, it is also a strong repudiation of the policy of discrimination and forced celibacy that continues to captivate most Lutherans throughout the United States and the ELCA. I hope that more and more Lutherans will see fit to ignore this policy and find extraordinary ways to circumvent it."

Megan and members of the calling churches will be available for comment 30 minutes before the service and for 30 minutes after the service.

3:00 p.m. Saturday, November 18th, Ebenezer Lutheran Church, 678 Portola Dr.

6:30 p.m. Saturday, November 18th, Christ Church Lutheran, 1090 Quintara Street.

MORE DETAILS: (Click on the ordination link at the top of the page.)
or: (Megan Rohrer’s Ordination Homepage)
or: Welcome Ministry office telephone: (415)776-5552x310 (between 11am and 5pm pacific time)

Megan Rohrer: 415-827-2587
Ebenezer Contact: The Rev. Stacy Boorn; 415-731-6470
Christ Church Lutheran contact: The Rev. Steven P. Sabin; 415-664-0915
St. Francis Contact: The Rev. Dr. Robert Goldstein; 415-621-2635

Megan Rohrer
The Welcome Ministry
1751 Sacramento St
San Francisco CA 94109

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Anonymous said...

ebenezer lutheran a vibrant church? Check out its statistical reports over the last few years at ELCA? How does a church remove 500 members in 1 year?

Der Lutheraner said...

Check out its videos. Ebenezer is a heretical paganistic assembly marketing itself as a Lutheran congregation. Nothing on its website other than its name identifies it as Lutheran other than it's official name. "Herchurch" (ugh) is focused only on the "goddess" and self rather than on the Incarnate Christ.

Has the ELCA drifted so far from the Christian Communion that it fails (refuses) to do anything about this mess? This congregation should have been expelled a LONG time ago.

Anonymous said...

lutheraner said: "Has the ELCA drifted so far from the Christian Communion that it fails (refuses) to do anything about this mess? "

Answer: Yes. I think the lessons for this Sunday which warn of the coming judgment should be sobering to all; and a warning to a denomination which at its leadership level does not know Christ.

Peace in the Lord!
Rob Buechler

Good Soil said...

Hey all. Thanks for publicizing my press release. Looks like it will be a joyous day.

Oh, you should also notice the other wonderful congregations who have discerned that God is calling me as well.

I'll send you all some photos from the event if you would like!

Your sister in Christ,
Megan Rohrer

Good Soil said...

Oh, I forgot to ask y'all to pray for me on Saturday if you cannot attend.

Also, you forgot to complain about the ordination of Erik Christensen in Chicago on October 21st. That joyous occasion was attended by the acting Bishop Landall (though he did not participate in the laying on of hands).

Peace out.

Der Lutheraner said...

Pardon me while I vomit at this unrepentent promotion of heresy.

It's amazing that the congregations that have "discerned" this step is necessary are in San Francisco...and might they have a political purpose in mind? Hmm..churches in the homosexual capital of the US...supporting a homosexual for "pastor?"

Peace out....this ain't the 60s.

Anonymous said...

Hey Der Lutheraner,

I agree with your assessment, yet I am glad to hear from Megan on this. Why? She is obviously on the "inside" with National Leadership. Given that she is vocal, unrepentant, and obviously given a green flag by the Synodical and National Offices, it helps to make my case to the congregations I serve that the time has come to shake the dust off our feet and move on to another denomination (LCMC or LCMS).

We will be watching carefully to see any disciplinary action.

Peace in the Lord Jesus Christ!
Rob Buechler

Der Lutheraner said...

What I would like to know is, will there be goddess rosaries, prayer to "Our Mother" and pagan Asherah idols at the "ordination."

Good Soil said...

Actually there will not. I would be happy to send you a copy of the bulletin if you are interested in our service. We are however using the God(dess) so that people can pray in the gender of their preference. Many parts of the trinity have different gender assignments in the Word. As I'm sure you know, the Holy Spirit is a part of the trinity and given both male and female charectoristics - though they are usually female (sophia- wisdom). Even Christ is called female at times - the church is feminine and it represents the Body of Christ. Midevil theologians talked about nursing at the breast of Christ.

Send me an email if you would like a copy of the service:

Good Soil said...

Oh, by the way I don't know anyone who identifies as "homosexual." I prefer queer.


Der Lutheraner said...

This whole process is "queer." You are outside historical Christianity when you invoke the "Goddess" and when "mechurch" uses pagan idols Face it.

Nuff said.

Shell, sorry about the 'tude on in my posts...the unrepentent heresy of the political "religious queer community" and this "herchurch" nonsense makes me mourn for the church at large.

Norsk said...

Yes, happily the result of these sorts of actions may well be clarity. Those who think that this:

Our Mother who is within us
we celebrate your many names.
Your wisdom come.
Your will be done,
unfolding from the depths within us.
Each day you give us all that we need.
You remind us of our limits
and we let go.
You support us in our power
and we act with courage.
For you are the dwelling place within us
the empowerment around us
and the celebration among us
now and for ever. Amen

is an orthodox, or even minimally acceptable, Christian prayer cannot possibly coexist in the same communion as those who think otherwise. The theological gap is yawning. These are different faiths, and those who propose such "revisions" are being dishonest by not admitting that fact.

Ryan Schwarz

Shrimp said...

You human people play nice or I will lop off your comments. No vomit, OK? And Megan, I said "congrats." OK? Cut the sarcasm. We do pray for you--an OF COURSE that includes that you will come to full truth and realize that it is wrong use of the office to have civil disobedience.

Pastor Zip said...

Megan writes: by the way I don't know anyone who identifies as "homosexual."

Then you don't know enough people, Megan. I do know people who describe themselves as "homosexual" -- and not as "gay," "queer," or any number of other descriptors. These people do not see their sexuality as being at the core of their being or as something that they ought to be proudly advertising. Some are celebate, others are in long-term committed relationships with a partner of the same sex. Some even manage to pull off plain old marriages -- you know, husband and wife, man and woman.

When they speak theologically about it (and it is actually pretty rare for them to speak about it at all, which is how gay activists in the ELCA get away with acting as if they do not exist), they are most likely to speak of their homosexuality along the lines of St. Paul's "thorn in the flesh," something that one lives with as best as one can, neither glad for the thorn nor ashamed of it, but glad for the grace God gives through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Pastor Zip is quite right. In all discussions of sexual behavior that stand contrary to Scripture, it would be good to remember that all of us are oriented away from what God desires in all things, let alone sexual behavior.

My concern with Megan is not that she and others have a struggle with homosexual impulses. My concern is that somehow these should be considered blessed simply because they come to her and others as uninvited other words...they come with the sense that they (the impulses) are innate and therefore since innate they are automatically part and parcel of the "goodness" God intended in the creation.

I happen to have a great many impulses (sexual and otherwise) that could be considered innate. I didn't ask for them, I don't want them...they are simply part and parcel of my being. This doesn't mean those impulses are acting in accordance with God's intended plan for sexuality or what have you. Indeed, they are more rightly seen as a part and parcel of the original sin which we are all "born with."

Since I am born with original sin, that means that all impulses that are in violation of God's intent revealed in Scripture are not to be blessed, but crucified. It is a daily dieing I am called to, not blessing that which stands contrary to God's intent revealed in Holy Writ.

Therefore, what I would call Megan and others to do is to die to these impulses, not celebrate and bless them. In this calling I am not calling Megan or others to do anything other than what Christians are called to do every day with every impulse that stands contrary to Divine Revelation in Scripture.

I know it is hard to kill these impulses. I know that I constantly have to rest myself on the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ, and by the power of his Holy Spirit do what is impossible for me to do in the flesh alone. I still urge Megan and others to take up the cross, and follow him. Dieing is the only way to the Resurrection.

Peace in the Lord!
Rob Buechler, Pastor
Trinity-Bergen/Faith Lutheran Parish

Der Lutheraner said...

What kind of desperate self-serving pseudo-justification does it show when you have to write your own praises in your own press release about yourself?

Good Soil said...

1) my sexuality is not the core of my being any more than the color of my eyes is.

2) the majority of Lutheran pastors have been ordained in an extraordinary way - since the time of the reformation when the Bishops first began refusing to ordain those who refused to a forced vow of celibacy - which Luther says more than 236 times is against the gospel.

3) I wrote the press release not to lift myself higer, but to lift God higher. The hope is that as a pastor my life, needs, wants will be secondary to helping the Word be known... The Rev. Steve Sabin gave a wonderful sermon to that affect.

4) Asking people to deny their personhood, by lying or supressing their true nature (created by God and declared good) only leads to unsafe, often times illegal and grossly inappropriate behavior. My hope is that the ELCA will encourage people to be honest about their sexuality (rather than encourage them to lie to their congregations). I think those who do not want gay pastors should not have to call them. Those who do feel they are the best person called to be their pastor should be able to. Current policy means that someone the ELCA knows is queer could be called to a congregation who does not want a queer pastor and never tell them.

5) I do get that you all are praying for me. It's not a sarcastic request - but a sincere one. For despite our theological disagreements, you are my brothers and sisters in Christ and we serve the same Lord. I also continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Not that you will agree with me, but that you we be able to follow the path God has laid out for you - just as I try to do with each step.

The Rev. Megan Rohrer

Anonymous said...

I would like to briefly respond to Megan's post. My response will be in reference to her numbered points.

1) True.

2) Forced celebacy was not THE main issue of being denied ordanation by bishops. Also, forced celebacy was against the Word of God with regards to heterosexual relationships. If a man wanted to marry a woman one was permitted to do so; and if a nun (a woman) wanted to marry a man; that too was permitted (As Saint Paul mentions). Matthew 19 makes it clear that those who cannot accept what God has intended (monogamous, life-long, heterosexual marriage) must remain celebate.

This means that if one has sexual desires which cannot abide what God intended from the beginning, then one must die to those desires/impulses, and either embrace heterosexual marriage, or singleness. By the by, singleness is not a death sentence. Our Lord and Saint Paul did not see this as a burden.

If you want to quote Luther, you need to check out what he says about homosexual behavior. It stands against the natural law enumerated in the Ten Commandments. He especially condemns it as a violation of the commandment against adultery.

However, I would advize against using Luther too much. He was also willing to allow for polygamy if it fit his political agenda. He is not the source of truth in the Church. We find the truth of things in the Holy Scriptures.

3)Megan wrote: " I wrote the press release not to lift myself higer, but to lift God higher." Well, you didn't accomplish this. Since you made it clear that your ordanation was about lifting up that sexual behavior which Scripture forbids, it pointed back to you, not the Lord. (I have noticed that when I wish to justify my own sinful impulses, this happens as well. Nothing new here, just letting you know your in good company, and the results are not surprising).

4)Megan wrote: "Asking people to deny their personhood, by lying or supressing their true nature (created by God and declared good) only leads to unsafe, often times illegal and grossly inappropriate behavior."
Then what can it mean when our Lord says that we are to die to ourselves? My true nature, and yours, outside of the grace of God in Christ Jesus, is that of a sinner. We cannot say that simply because I have this innate impulse that somehow it is declared good by the very having of the impulse. You are denying original sin here.

Also, asking people to continue in sin and telling them it is blessed will indeed lead people to all kinds of abominations and actions harmful to themselves in this life and the next.

5)Megan wrote: " For despite our theological disagreements, you are my brothers and sisters in Christ and we serve the same Lord."

Well, with all due respect I can't agree with this statement. We do not serve the same Lord, since the Lord Jesus does not support homosexual sex. When you insist upon doing what you are doing, you dismiss his Lordship directly. You in fact end up worshiping a different diety than the Lord.

Therefore while I certainly do pray for you, I cannot say that we are brother and sister...yet. My prayer is for your repentance, so that we may be brother and sister, and serve the Lord Jesus indeed.

I do pray for your recovery into the kingdom of heaven.

Peace in the Lord Jesus, who calls us to die to sin and rise to newness of life.

Rob Buechler, Pastor
Trinity-Bergen/Faith Lutheran Parish

Der Lutheraner said...

BTW....The ELCA officially condones Herchurch's nonsense. In an email to me, they say it is "not truly heretical."

Yea! Goddess beads and Asherah pagan idols for all!

Anonymous said...

der lutheraner said: "BTW....The ELCA officially condones Herchurch's nonsense. In an email to me, they say it is "not truly heretical."

Could you send me a copy of that e-mail. I would like to see this. Not surprised, but will be good for others to see how far the beaten path we have gone.

You can e-mail at

Peace in the Lord!
Rob Buechler

Norsk said...

I'd really like to see that email too. Could you post it here?

Ryan Schwarz

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