Thursday, July 27, 2006

Following the link?

Shrimp here: So you were reading The Lutheran online and you saw the blurb about Shrimp, clicked and here you are. But where are you? Forget what you have heard about blogs (there are many kinds) about "dissenters" (ditto, but don't even get me started about what a bad move The Lutheran made listening to Almen and Hanson about a strategy to try and make the faithful, loyal opposition look as though we are the liars) and definitely. Also, if you think that Shrimp is some mean ol' conservative pastor who would be better off in the Wisconsin Synod or something, think again (for one thing, I am a crustacean and I resent any references to being a human being).

Think of this blog as a library where you have a nonhuman research assistant to lead you to the truth about what God says about human sexuality. This is not a blog where you come to debate stuff, but one to come to and get information. Say you are someone who has been asked by your congregation or synod to serve on some such thing and the subject of "partnered homosexuals" or "blessings gay unions" comes up. Some of your friends and family say one thing, some say another. Peruse the archives or use the search function. You will find out that the pro-GLBT (that's gay, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered—and BTW if you can tell me how a bisexual can be monogamous I'm waiting years to find out) advocacy has been doing at best wishful thinking but more likely showing that their loyalty is not to the ELCA, to "church" or anything other than "personal preferences" or a "progressive political peer pressure."

But, again, the big issue is not gay marriage. Recently the Washington and New York state supreme courts have ruled there is no such thing. Like the Episcopal bishop in Arkansas, we will have to admit that it goes against the laws of the land and the official policies of the denomination, but if you want to go ahead and do it we won't say a word.

But worse than that, so much worse, it really comes down to God. What did God say? Does anyone really think they can rewrite Scripture? Apparently some do. And apparently the big deal in the year ahead is if Mark Hanson can convince the ELCA that contextual theology, the belief that every generation must determine what the Bible says, is a faithful expression of Lutheran theology.

Well, it would take a lobotomy for me to think that my sinful generation can set itself up against 2,000 years of tradition. I know a cultural cave-in when I see one and surely you must also.

It is up to the side that promotes a change in policy to prove their case. The pro-GLBT advocacy has so far been unable to do it, and this they themselves must admit that they have failed.

So go back through the archives, follow the links, it's all there.

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