Saturday, June 24, 2006

Final Report At The Episcopal Church: Mother Jesus? Interviews With Church Liberals, Conservatives & Bloggers.

Final Report At The Episcopal Church: Mother Jesus? Interviews With Church Liberals, Conservatives & Bloggers. Finally, How Did The Catholic Church Avoid The Dire Situation That Looms For The Episcopal Church? By Dave Hartline

Rarely does one witness a major historical event in Church History. In my first report last week, I spoke of my perceptions along with some interviews. Now I am confident in saying that the Episcopal Convention, which is concluding in Columbus, Ohio, is not only a major event for the Episcopal Church but the Catholic Church as well. The leaders at the Convention passed a different version of the Windsor Report, some would say a watered down version. This Anglican report had asked that the American (Episcopal) Church apologize and repent for allowing the blessing same sex unions and ordaining an openly gay bishop. The odd thing about this convention is both the liberal side and the conservative side seems to think they lost. The moderates think they won. However, the energy is not on their side, it is on the side of conservatives and liberals, with the liberals, although smaller in numbers, having more of the momentum. Perhaps the new head of US Episcopal Bishops, Katherine Jefferts Shori, sent a message in her first homily by saying, “Mother Jesus.”

The Catholic Church will be greatly affected by this convention. The Catholic Church will receive many converts and none of them will be liberal. The orthodox faithful of the Episcopal Church who are considering coming our way have made it very clear to me that if they come they will preach, from the rooftops if necessary, the evils of liberalism, relativism etc. One person said to me, “If I do cross the Tiber, I will preach from the rooftops about the wickedness I have seen envelope my church. I cannot stand to see this happen to anyone else.”

One of the main voices of the traditional side is the Reverend Canon Kendall Harmon. He runs the very influential website. He is Oxford educated and is from South Carolina. The following is his assessment of the Episcopal Convention.

Dave Hartline Where is the Episcopal Church right now?

Read the whole thing here (please, read to end, Susan Russell and VGR).

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